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Chapter 2329: my young master much better than I

have just come in, with Ye Xing Lu Qin birds were all the limelight.

Dian Chu was itch. Seeing this first team captain was so arrogant, he immediately strode out and said in a deep voice, “Master, let the subordinates give this guy a bit of color.” The

black ape is so strong, he sees it. Dian Chu is the strongest among the group of Yash Nics, and it is now believed that Dian Chu should be the strongest existence among the group of Yash Nics.

He grinned and said: “To bully, you must bully the strongest, and I just want to clean up you.”

Dian Chu said coldly: “Each each other!”

Hei Yuan Jian Dian Chu had sharp eyes, restrained aura, and a steady pace. Know that Dian Chu is a top master.

He didn’t despise it, but also took out all his skills and strode towards Dian Chu.

The black ape walked faster and faster, and when he approached Dianchu, he roared: “Black Ape Potian Fist!” As he

said, he raised his hand with a punch and slammed at Dianchu fiercely.

This fist was like a meteor breaking through the air, the fist carried the bad wind, and made a sharp whistling air current. The air around the fist became distorted, showing the horror of this fist.

Dian Chu didn’t have the slightest fear, strode forward, and shouted in a low voice: “Military Domineering Fist!” What

Dian Chu used was the military domineering fist taught by Yash Nics.

This punch seemed unremarkable, but in fact it carried an overwhelmingly terrifying force.

The fist wind rushed towards his face, and the black monkey noticed something, his face changed drastically, and he let out a weird cry.


The fists of the two collided fiercely, as if two meteorites collided fiercely together, making a thunderous explosion.

Dian Chu felt a pain in his right fist, and the back of his hand was hot.

The black ape is much worse.

At the moment when the fists collided, Black Ape’s entire right arm was directly exploded by Dian Chu’s punch.


The black ape without his right arm let out a scream, flew out and fell to the ground.

Everyone at the scene looked silly.

The power of the gods, the Black Ape Captain who once beat a buffalo to death, was defeated by one of Yash Nics’s men?


This is too scary, right?

The members of the Yamaguchi Group at the scene, one by one, were on the verge of an enemy.

Dian Chu moved his somewhat numb right arm, and looked at the black ape who fell on the ground with a painful face, and said coldly: “I thought that the captain of the 12th division of the Yamaguchi Group was so powerful. So.”

Hei Yuan’s face was blue and white, and his face was full of shame and anger.

He gritted his teeth: “Your strength is very strong, your master has such a powerful subordinate as you, no wonder you dare to trespass into the White Tiger Hall.”

“However, even if you are very skilled, our Yamaguchi Group is as powerful as a cloud and is better than me. There are too many people to go, such as Erhu Sanqu and others, you can’t be proud of it for a few minutes.”

Dian Chu said with a smile: “I think you have misunderstood a bit.”

“My young master is much stronger than me, I It’s just for my young master to run errands.”

“As for the two tigers and three dogs you said, in my young master’s eyes, it is nothing!”

Hei Yuan looked at Yash Nics in shock.

Is Yash Nics’s strength far above Dian Chu?


It must be Dian Chu who deliberately praised Yash Nics in order to please Yash Nics.

The black monkey endured the pain of his broken arm, gritted his teeth and said: “In Dongying, it is the first time I heard someone dare to look down upon the super powers of our Yamaguchi Group, the two tigers and three dogs. I would like to see you waiting to see them. Can you be as arrogant as it is now?”

Yash Nics smiled, and Song Pingting, with Dianchu, Qin Que, and Ye Tianxing, walked straight to Baihutang.

Inside the White Tiger Hall.

Yamaguchi Ryusan sat on a chair, looking at Yash Nics and others from above.

On both sides of him, there were a few powerful men with extraordinary tolerance.

These super powers are the most terrifying existence in the Yamaguchi Group.

They are two tigers and three dogs.

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