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Chapter 2333: Killing God finally left

“You dare to kill my brother, none of you want to leave here alive!”

Yamaguchi Ryuzo’s cousin, alternate leader of the Yamaguchi Group Ren Yamaguchi Koji snarled angrily at Yash Nics.

He loudly ordered the members of the Yamaguchi Group at the scene: “Go all together, cut them off with a knife, and leave none of them.”

Although Dongying people have always been known for their bravery and bravery, the Yamaguchi Group is notorious.

However, everyone in the Yamaguchi Group at the scene, although they were holding the samurai sword tightly at this time, none of them dared to step forward.

No way, Yash Nics just beheaded two tigers and three dogs, and the displayed strength was really terrifying.

Even if they have thousands of people, they don’t dare to be stunned at this time.

Koji Yamaguchi men who see a not daring to move, furious anger, angry: “The head of the now dead, I would be your new leader, I command you to get involved, you dare not listen to orders?” “You

You all know what will happen if you disobey the group leader’s order, right?” The

Yamaguchi Group has a strict hierarchy and extremely strict management of its members.

There are many rules and family laws, and the rules and family laws are very strict.

Failing to obey the order of the team leader is a serious crime. Not only will he be expelled from the Yamaguchi group, but he will also be sentenced to capital punishment.

Thousands of elite members of the Yamaguchi Group on the scene were finally moved. They clenched their swords one by one, preparing to bite the bullet, and rushing forward to fight Yash Nics and his party desperately.

But at this moment!

Suddenly there was a gunshot.

Everyone at the scene was taken aback, and looked towards the direction from which the gunfire came.

Then I saw a Dongying Colonel officer, carrying a large number of Dongying soldiers with live ammunition, came in murderously.

There are several Chinese people beside this colonel.

One of them turned out to be the director of the China Metropolitan Government, Major General Lu Shaocong.

Several others are staff members of the Chinese Embassy in Dongying.

When Yamaguchi Koji saw that the Ground Self-Defense Force had come, his eyes widened and his face was shocked.

What’s happening here?

He hurriedly greeted him, bowed deeply, and said flatly: “Hello, sir, you are here at the right time. These Chinese people are killing us here. We ask you to rectify these people on the spot to protect our Dongying people.”

“Baga!” The

colonel cursed angrily, raised his hand and slapped Yamaguchi Koji’s face fiercely, which directly caused Yamaguchi Koji’s face to turn around twice, his mouth full of blood.

Yamaguchi Koji was full of grievances, but he dared not say anything. After being beaten, he quickly stood still, and continued to bend down and lower his head, as if he was beaten to stand firm.

After the colonel finished fighting Yamaguchi Koji, he was still angry and cursed in blunt Chinese: “Your conscience is really bad.”

“Mrs. Yash is the winner of the World Peace Prize and the symbol of the angel of peace.”

“Chen. My husband is even the God of War in the Chinese Army. Our distinguished guests in Dongying, you dare to be rude to Mr. Yash and his wife. I think you are tired of living.”

Yamaguchi Koji lowered his head and did not dare to make a sound. The officers of the guard, on the contrary, helped the Chinese people?

In fact, this is no wonder the colonel.

Knowing that Yash Nics was in trouble in Dongying, Lu Shaocong immediately rushed to Dongying on behalf of the Metropolitan Government and the Chinese military.

Lu Shaocong and the ambassador in Dongying’s embassy met with the top management of Dongying, and they clearly stated that Yash Nics and his wife must not make any mistakes, otherwise Dongying was the only one to ask.

Dongying doesn’t want to offend the Chinese military because of Yash Nics, let alone make the relationship between the two countries worse. This will not benefit them at all.

Therefore, there was the scene of Dongying’s high-level dispatch of the Land Self-Defense Force to accompany Lu Shaocong and others to meet Yash Nics.

Lu Shaocong and a few embassy staff quickly came to Yash Nics and said respectfully: ” Mrs. Yash, are you all right?”

Yash Nics was a little surprised when Lu Shaocong and others arrived. He smiled. “We are okay, you have your heart.”

Colonel Dong Ying also came over to greet Yash Nics respectfully, and at the same time ordered Yamaguchi Koji to apologize to Yash Nics. He cursed: “If Mr. Yash refuses to forgive you, I will do it today. Take all the important members of your Yamaguchi Group in one go.”

Yamaguchi Koji has nothing to do , and can only honestly apologize to Yash Nics.

Yash Nics said coldly: “Remember, don’t insult our Chinese people in the future, otherwise there will be no Yamaguchi Group in the world next time.”

Yamaguchi Koji was full of shame, but he could only lower his head and whispered: ” Yes!”

Yash Nics and Song Pingting, accompanied by Lu Shaocong and others, Zhang Yuan left.

Colonel Dong Ying took the troops and personally escorted Yash Nics to the airport. After Yash Nics boarded the special plane and left, he wiped the sweat from his forehead and breathed a sigh of relief.

He looked at the plane that disappeared into the sky, and said to himself: “Huh, this terrible killer is gone.”

“If he stays for a few more days, I don’t know how much blood and blood will be caused by Dongying.”

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