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Chapter 2335: Yi Chau star

Ning line, just out of the airport, Song Zhongbin a joy to meet up.

Yash Nics hadn’t seen her daughter for many days, so

she could not help but hugged her daughter and asked with a smile: “Baby, do you miss dad?” Song Qingqing giggled and said, “I missed my mother too!”

Yash Nics and Song Pingting both Can’t help but smile.

At this time, the leaders of the scene came up together and welcomed Yash Nics and Song Pingting back. Special congratulations to Song Pingting for winning the reputation of the World Peace Prize and winning glory for the country.

Many reporters also surrounded Song Pingting. Everyone surrounded Song Pingting, rushing to pass the microphone to Song Pingting, and kept asking interview questions.

Song Pingting is extremely patient, no matter whether it is a friendly question or a tricky question, she smiles and calmly answers, generous and decent.

Yash Nics’s family stood by and looked at Song Pingting, who was surrounded by many reporters. They all looked at it with smiles, proud of Song Pingting.

A group of people came out of the airport.

The leader was a young man with red lips and white teeth. This man was named Chu Beichen, the eldest son of the famous Chu family in Yizhou Province.

The Chu family is the top business man in Yizhou, who eats everything from black to white, business and politics.

Chu Beichen is the son of Chu’s family, but this guy is not very interested in business. He likes to be a star.

The Chu family has financial resources, and Chu Beichen has a greasy face, red lips and white teeth, making him very handsome.

So after Chu Beichen debuted as a star, he really gained a lot of fans. He is also a popular little fresh meat in Yizhou.

He came to the mainland this time because he wanted to shoot the MV for his new album, and also to create momentum for his new album.

When he came to the mainland this time, besides his assistants and make-up artists and other escorts, he was a bodyguard alone, and he had brought 36 in total.

At this time, surrounded by a large number of bodyguards, he strode out of the airport.

“Hey, why are there so many people around the airport exit? There are so many reporters? Are they all welcoming me?”

Chu Beichen looked at the large number of reporters at the airport exit in surprise, a little surprised.

His assistant Dong Zhuo smiled flatly: “Haha, Chu Shao, you are popular all over Yizhou. It is estimated that you have captured a lot of fans in the inland. Isn’t it just right to have a fan reporter greet you?”

Chu Beichen smiled triumphantly: “Of course. Okay, I just don’t know if there are any positive girls among the female fans?”

Dong Zhuo grinned and said, “Ah, although the poor inland are dying, there are still a lot of cuties. Don’t worry, Chu Shao, you can talk to Yan as you Value, as long as you hook your finger, you don’t know how many beautiful girls are actively dedicating themselves.”

Chu Beichen looked forward to it. The reason why he became a star is not only dazzling enough to show off, but another important reason is that he can capture all kinds of colors. Beautiful fans.

These star-chasing female fans are often extraordinarily innocent. He basically sleeps when he wants to.

This time he came inland to shoot the MV, he also came with the purpose of hunting for beauty.

Chu Beichen walked out surrounded by Dong Zhuo and others with a wicked smile on his face.

But after he came out, he discovered that it was not the fans who greeted him, nor did the reporters come to interview him.

The reporters at the scene were interviewing a very beautiful woman!

Chu Beichen can be regarded as having countless beauties, but it was the first time that Song Pingting saw such a beautiful woman, and he felt shocked.

This woman, I must get her!

Chu Beichen looked at Song Pingting, who was extremely graceful, and made up his mind secretly.

His thirty-six bodyguards were now aggressively opening their way in front.

As long as it is in the way, it is very arrogant to just push it away.

A female student made way slowly, and was savagely dragged by a bodyguard, and fell directly to the ground.

Her palms and knees were bruised, and traces of blood ooze out, and the pain caused her tears to swirl in her eye sockets.

Not far away, Song Pingting, who was interviewed by the reporters, saw this scene, her pretty face instantly chilled.

She pushed away the reporters directly, helped the female student in the past, and at the same time coldly questioned Chu Beichen and his party: “Why are you so barbaric?”

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