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Chapter 2340: lobbyists

southern province, the mirage.

A banquet is being held in the ancestral home of the Song family.

Song Qingsong led hundreds of people in the Song family. At this time, the stars were surrounded by Song Pingting and Yash Nics’s family.

Song Qingsong blushed, his old face bloomed, looking at his granddaughter Song Pingting, and proudly said: “This time, Xiaoting won the World Peace Prize. This is not only Xiaoting’s honor, but also our entire Song family. Your honor!”

“Come on, Xiao

Ting , this grandpa respects you, and you have greatly honored our Song family !” Song Pingting’s face flushed, and she said with a little shame: “Actually, this is not mine alone. Credit, this peace award cannot be separated from Yash Nics’s credit, nor can it be separated from the dedication of father-in-law under Jiuquan, and the support and encouragement of friends and relatives.”

“Come on, I respect grandpa and respect all relatives .”

Let’s have a drink!” Everyone laughed, holding up their glasses one after another, and toasting to Song Pingting.

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli opened their eyes and smiled. How long has their family been in the family, but they are the most unwelcome to see.

But now, the daughter and son-in-law have made their family the most dazzling existence in the family, and even the pride of the family.

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli looked at Yash Nics, and the more they looked at this son-in-law, the more they liked them.

Everyone had a drink, then took their seats, and the banquet officially began.

During the banquet, everyone pushed their cups and changed their cups, and it was a joy.

But just as the Song family was drinking happily, a few unexpected guests suddenly arrived.

It turned out to be Jiang Taihang, a retired old leader who had previously served as the deputy governor of Jiangnan Province.

Twenty years ago, Jiang Taihang served as the vice-governor of Jiangnan Province. At that time, he was regarded as an emperor in the whole Jiangnan Province.

When he was the most glorious year, all the cadres in Jiangnan Province only listened to him, the vice provincial honor. He also came to him for help in both black and white. He even emptied the provincial honor, even more prestigious than the provincial honor, and was known as the emperor of Jiangnan.

However, he was later investigated.

The final treatment for him was to order an early retirement, which ended his career as a Jiangnan emperor.

However, he accumulated a lot of contacts in his early years, and black and white businessmen take all walks of life.

So after he was forced to retire early, he went to sea to do business, and soon opened the Yizhou market, which became very popular.

It’s just that, once a Jiangnan emperor, now a big man in the Yizhou business community, appeared in the ancestral home of the Song family, Song Qingsong and others were all puzzled and could not figure out Jiang’s intentions.

Back then, when Jiang Lao was the emperor of Jiangnan, Song Qingsong also gave gifts to everyone.

Of course, with the status of Mr. Jiang, he may not remember Song Qingsong.

At this time, Song Qingsong saw the visit of Mr. Jiang, who was so dazzling that year, and he was so scared that he brought his family to greet him, and said with a smile: “The distinguished guest is here, Pengxuan is shining, Mr. Jiang, you are here, and you don’t want to say hello to us in advance. It’s good to welcome you!”

Although Jiang Taihang is not as prestigious as he was in the past, he is still standing.

He smiled arrogantly: “Hehe, Song Qingsong, you were just a small character in the Jiangnan business community. I remember one time when I held an open-air reception, you were not qualified to enter, so you sneaked in through the dog hole in the wall. ”

But I got stuck halfway through, and was caught by the security guard on the spot. Everyone was laughing around you, do you remember?”

Song Qingsong’s face turned red when he heard that, and he was very embarrassed: “This… There is such a thing, there is such a thing…”

Jiang Lao ignored Song Qingsong’s embarrassment, and smiled and said to the left and right: “Do you know this guy, I have done a lot of stupid things before, I don’t wait See him. But now, feng shui takes turns, it’s my turn to visit him.”

When Mr. Jiang said this, he looked at Song Qingsong with a faint smile: “I’m here to visit you this time. Wouldn’t you be welcome?”

Song Qingsong quickly said, “How dare you, Mr. Jiang please go inside.” ”

Jiang Taihang is quite satisfied with Song Qingsong’s attitude. That’s how people are. He used to be prestigious and saw people who used to be worthless in front of him. Now he is better than himself. He must be unbalanced.

It is precisely because of this that Jiang Taihang couldn’t help but laughed at Song Qingsong when he met. This is to let everyone know that Song Qingsong and the Song family did not fart when he was awe-inspiring.

Song Qingsong invited Jiang Taihang and his party to take a seat. He poured the wine for Jiang Taihang himself, and laughed with him: “Mr Jiang, you are coming here, don’t you know what we can do for the Song family?”

Jiang Taihang took a sip from the glass. Wine, and then his eyes lit up: ”

Good wine!” Song Qingsong thought triumphantly: This is a special gift from my grandson-in-law in the army, of course it is delicious.

Jiang Taihang drank the special offer, but did not drink the special offer from the military. He only thought that the wine was very good, but it was also very strong, and it was very refreshing to drink.

He was also in a better mood, and smiled and said to Song Qingsong: “I am here this time, there is really one thing, I hope you Song

family will give me some face anyway.” Song Qingsong and others are more curious about what?

Song Qingsong said: “It’s easy to talk, please give me instructions, Mr. Jiang.”

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