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Chapter 2348: gambler

next one week, Wendi Deng as planned, orderly implementation of his plan.

This day, weekend.

Yash Nics accompanied his daughter Song Qingqing to play games in her courtyard.

Tong Ke smiled and accompanied him.

Suddenly, Dian Chu brought Dong Tianbao in from outside.

“Hello young master!”

Dong Tianbao saw Yash Nics and walked up quickly, saying hello with a smile on his face.

Yash Nics nodded: “Xiaobao is here. I haven’t seen you for a while. What have you been up to lately?”

Dong Tianbao hurriedly handed over the gift and smiled: “I have been traveling to Tai O recently, Master, this is my journey from Tai O. The local specialties brought back, a few cans of shrimp paste, and some beef jerky.”

“I think it tastes good, so bring some back to the young master for you to taste.”

Yash Nics smiled and said , “I’m interested!”

Yash Nics asked Dian Chu accepted the things and jokingly said, “The specialty of Tai O is a gambling. If you guys run to Tai O all day, wouldn’t you just go there to gamble?” The

speaker was unintentional, but the listener was interested.

Dong Tianbao’s expression was suddenly embarrassed, and his expression became a bit complicated.

Yash Nics said casually, but he didn’t expect that Dong Tianbao really seemed to be betting money, and looking at this expression, he probably lost a lot.

Yash Nics frowned slightly, and immediately stretched out again.

He turned his head to Tong Ke and said, “Bring Qingqing back to the house to do his homework.”

Tong Ke hugged Qingqing and entered the house.

Under the wisteria trellis in the courtyard, there are only Yash Nics sitting in a wicker chair, Dong Tianbao with a worried face, and Dian Chu, who does not squint.

Yash Nics picked up the steaming scented tea, took a sip, and said casually: “Let’s talk.”

Dong Tianbao whispered: “Ah? What do you say?”

Yash Nics lowered his face, “Tell me to see you.” How much money did you lose in Tai O? You came to see me this time, not just to greet me, right?”

Dong Tianbao knelt down with a thump, and said with a trembling, “Marshal, the subordinates know that they are wrong.” , The subordinate knows that I can’t hide from you, the marshal.”

“The subordinate did indeed lose a lot of money in Tai O, and also owed a lot of gambling debts. If they can’t pay back the money, they will sell the hotel restaurant at a low price, etc. The property is over.”

“This time the subordinates really have no choice but to brazenly ask for help from the marshal.” After all,

it was his former soldier, his brother who was born and died with him.

In the past two or three years, Dong Tianbao has worked hard in Mannity City and has been hospitalized for his own injuries several times.

And it’s already happened, it’s useless to blame.

Yash Nics finally asked calmly: “Let’s say, how much money did you lose and how much gambling debt you owe?”

Dong Tianbao insisted: “I lost more than 200 million in cash alone, and now I still owe 980 million. Daao’s gambling debts are now forcing me to pay back…”

Yash Nics said coldly, “Dong Tianbao, you are really good at it. You gambled so big and lost so much money.”

Dong Tianbao squatted his head and cried: “I wanted to have fun, but the boss said that the world’s top female star Alice is here, as long as he is willing to play in the VIP room where 100 million chips enter the venue, You can shake hands and take a photo with her…”

“My vanity breaks out, and finally…”

Yash Nics said coldly: “Stop talking, I’m not interested in listening.”

“Now I just want to ask you one sentence. , I will pay you back your billion gambling debt, do you still gamble?”

Dong Tianbao hurriedly said: “Don’t bet, absolutely don’t bet.”

Yash Nics nodded: “Okay, the total value of the hotel restaurant under your name is not less than one billion yuan. I don’t want to see you become a seller at a low price. , Cash out to repay the gambling debt, because then you will lose your fortune, and you will not even have the chance to make a comeback.”

“I will lend you this billion, but you can’t bet anymore, and be a steadfast man in the future, otherwise I will be at any time Take away your hotel and restaurant.”

“Do you understand?”

Dong Tianbao replied again and again: “Yes, yes, my subordinates promise that I will never gamble.”

Yash Nics called Song Pingting and told Song Pingting. Said: “Transfer one billion to Xiaobao!”

Although Song Pingting was a little surprised, why did Dong Tianbao want so much money?

But she didn’t hesitate or ask a question, and immediately said: “Okay, I will transfer the finance to Xiaobao immediately.” It

took a billion minutes to reach the account.

Dong Tianbao thanked him very much and left.

Yash Nics frowned, looking thoughtfully at the direction of Dong Tianbao’s disappearance.

Dian Chu couldn’t help but whispered: “Marshal, Dong Tianbao has changed. He has a gambling addiction.”

“As the saying goes, I would rather persuade prostitutes to behave well than believe that gambling dogs will come ashore.”

“I have an instinct, Dong Tianbao. This kid will still bet, he will take the money you gave and continue to bet.”

Yash Nics frowned even more when he heard this, and he also had this worry in his heart.

However, he stubbornly said: “I don’t think Dong Tianbao can’t. He has always listened to me. He promised me to quit gambling and he should quit.”

Dian Chu shook his head: “You are still too bad, young marshal. Now that you understand human nature, your subordinates dare to bet with the marshal. Dong Tianbao will continue to bet with your billions.”

Yash Nics was silent for two seconds: “I still choose to believe in Xiaobao. We will wait and see.”

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