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Chapter 2366: Mr. Joe, get up

Marshall saw Max, snapped a salute, raising his hand, Chen Sheng said:. “See Executive ‘

faint Max:” No more ceremony , I’m here for two things. The first thing I’ve sent is to inform you.”

“ I’m going to send you to China to kill Yash Nics, the God of War of China, and give a tooth for a tooth.”

Marshall said solemnly, “Listen. It is said that Commander Simon was killed by this Yash Nics. The chief chose me to behead Yash Nics. This is my honor. I will definitely bring Yash Nics’s head back.”

Max nodded with satisfaction, “There is one more thing. This matter is more important and confidential.”

Marshall looked at Max. Since it was a confidential, then Max would not take the initiative to say it, he would not take the initiative to ask. This is a military rule.

Max did not shy away from Marshall, and said faintly: “This is to release Qiao Keting, who is detained at the bottom of Alcatraz Prison, and let him return to China.” When

Marshall heard the name Qiao Keting, he couldn’t help showing a shocked expression. .

He hurriedly said: “Qiao Keting was the God of War of China 20 years ago. We sacrificed countless strong men in the army before we captured him alive and then imprisoned him at the bottom of the Devil Prison.”

“He is the most terrifying in China in the last 100 years. The strong man, when we imprison him here, we all feel like we are holding a nuclear bomb. We are always worried that he will suddenly explode and break out of the cage.”

“Now, sir, you are going to take the initiative to release him. Wouldn’t you let the tiger go back to the mountain?”

Max smiled and said: “When you were on vacation, I have been here twice and I have met with Qiao Keting.”

“Although this guy was the God of War, he couldn’t wait for the 20 years he was imprisoned. By the time of Huaxia’s rescue, his mentality has been distorted.”

“I made an agreement with him to let him return to China, and I can even help him secretly, help him defeat the current chief governor of China, support him to sit as the governor of China, and regain glory.”

“But in return, he dominates China. After that, everything must follow our US arrangements.”

Marshall opened his eyes wide. This is to support a puppet to come to power and control China!

However, he immediately said: “Does Qiao Keting agree?”

“And he agrees now. He will really bring down the current Chinese governor in the next day. After he sits on the throne of the governor, what should he do?”

Max smiled

Said : “Before I let him go, I will let people inject the latest gene toxin into him. Only our country can solve this kind of poison.” “Qiao Keting is a dog we raise. If the dog is not obedient, let When he dies, he has to die.”

Marshall was pleasantly surprised when he heard the words: “If this is the case, then there is much to be done.”

Max said with a smile: “You have arrived in China, after beheading Yash Nics, stay here. Huaxia, try to provide Qiao Keting with help so that he can successfully become the chief governor first.”

“At the same time, it is also to monitor him.”

“If there is something wrong with him, then he will directly cut off his antidote and let him die by poison.”

Marshall said: “Yes, sir!”

Max and Marshall said all the way, and it didn’t take long for them to reach the bottom of the Devil’s Prison.

The lowest temperature is around zero, like an ice cave.

Max couldn’t help but shrank his neck in the cold, and complained: “Why do you make the bottom of the prison look like an ice cave?”

Marshall laughed: “Sir, you don’t know, such as snakes and beasts, in the extreme cold. It will hibernate honestly and will not cause trouble all day long.”

“We deliberately turned the bottom of this prison into an ice cave, in order to consume the physical strength of the serious prisoner, so as not to have too much energy and make some moths.”

“Facts have proved that Qiao Keting, who has been imprisoned here for twenty years,

They were dormant most of the time.” Soon, they walked to the door of a prison, which was one meter thick and was able to withstand missile bombing.

Through the camera, you can see a man in white clothes with long hair and beard, lying on the ground covered with icy debris. I don’t know if he is asleep or frozen to death?

Max motioned to Marshall to open the dialogue box, facing the man inside, faintly said: “Mr. Joe, it’s time to get up.”

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