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Chapter 2375: hyena attack

Marshall with a sniper rifle aimed at the Ke child’s head, his fingers fell on the trigger.

However, he stroked the trigger twice with his finger, but did not choose to pull the trigger. Instead, he moved the muzzle and aimed at Yash Nics next to him.

At first, his idea was to kill the woman in front of Yash Nics with a single shot, and then kill Yash Nics.

But immediately he rejected this idea.

After all, Yash Nics was the God of War of China, although it was very enjoyable to kill the woman in front of Yash Nics first, and then to kill the shocked Yash Nics.

But if Yash Nics’s reaction was so quick that he missed his second shot, it would be more than worthwhile.

In the end, he decided to go straight ahead and kill Yash Nics first.

At the moment when Yash Nics was secretly aimed at with a sniper rifle by Marshall, he was born and died in the military for many years, and he immediately smelled a dangerous aura, and he felt like a light on his back.

And, the alarm bell in my heart rang wildly!

There are gunmen!

A cold light flashed in Yash Nics’s eyes.

He suddenly leaned back without warning!


At the moment when Yash Nics leaned back without warning, there was a gunshot in the distance, and Marshall fired.

“Fack!” The

swear words were already out the moment Marshall shot.

As a sharpshooter, he already knew whether he could hit the target when he pulled the trigger and fired.

It was a magical feeling, even if everyone knew that after the shot was fired, it would take a while for the bullet to fly before knowing if it hit in the end.

But every sharpshooter, in fact, knew whether he had hit or not at the moment he shot.

Marshall was very determined before firing, and was very sure to shoot Yash Nics headshot.

Unexpectedly, the moment before he fired, Yash Nics turned back without warning.

He was frightened and angry, knowing that the shot was empty.

Sure enough, the bullet passed in front of Yash Nics, and then concentrated on the wall of the coffee shop, leaving a terrifying hole in the wall.

After Marshall cursed, he immediately turned his gun, wanted to lock Yash Nics again, and fired again.

However, Yash Nics’s reaction was extremely fast. At the moment Marshall’s first shot was empty, he reached out and grabbed Tong Ke’s hand, dragged Tong Ke and ran…




Marshall fired three more shots in a row, but before each shot, Yash Nics changed his escape route without warning, causing Marshall to empty all three shots.

Instead, it was the place where Yash Nics ran. A car and two tables were hit by bullets from a sniper rifle, devastated.

Yash Nics pulled Tong Ke, flashing like a shop, no trace.

People at the scene also found that someone was shooting, and everyone was frightened and screamed and fled for their lives.

Marshall could not find Yash Nics in the scope of the sniper rifle. He bitterly put away the sniper rifle, and while disassembling the sniper rifle into parts into a black suitcase, he said to the wireless microphone on the collar: “Eagle I missed it and let the prey run away.”

“Hyenas, it’s your turn now.”

“Go, find the prey and kill the prey.”

A black Cadillac was parked at four blocks in this area.

As Marshall’s voice fell, the four Cadillac cars at the four street corners immediately came down with four foreign men in black suits.

These men in suits are all subordinates brought by Marshall, and they are some of the most special agents in the United States.

In this operation, these agents have a common nickname, Hyena.

In the desert, hyenas often act in groups. They are aggressive, united, cruel, and cunning.

Just like these American agents!

Sixteen hyena agents entered this area from different street corners, searched for and hunted down Yash Nics.

at this time!

Yash Nics took Tong Ke’s wrist and came out from the back door of a Chinese restaurant kitchen.

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