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Chapter 2382: Ning suspected

honor guard pulled out a long sword Command, made a gesture of salute, loudly shouted: “Salute!”


Tens of thousands of soldiers at the scene saluted Qiao Keting.

The welcome military music of the guard of honor also rang immediately.

In the distance, the salute also began to roar.

This meets the specifications and is definitely the highest level.

Qiao Keting was also a little excited, and he walked quickly towards the lord and the governor.

Huang Qian and Yash Nics also brought their subordinates to greet them.

Qiao Keting took the lead to stop and salute Huang Gan and Yash Nics for the first time: “Good Lord, supervise the generals, former Lieutenant General Qiao Keting, request to go home.”

Huang Ganyi grasped Qiao Keting’s hand and said with a smile: “General Qiao, welcome you home.” After

Qiao Keting shook hands with Huang Gan, he took the initiative to shake hands with Yash Nics.

He said with satisfaction: “I learned about the prestige of our Chinese governor before I came back. I have long admired the governor, and today I finally saw the governor.”

Yash Nics shook hands with Qiao Keting, eyes behind the golden mask of Qilin. , Looked at Qiao Keting calmly through the mask’s beast-eye holes, and smiled: “I have been admiring General Qiao for a long time, and welcome the return of the hero.”

Huang Gan smiled and said: “Well, you two don’t need to cherish each other. , You will have the opportunity to cooperate in the future.”

“Walk around, the State Guest House has already prepared a banquet, and there are many people with high morals, and they have also heard the wind and rushed to participate in the reception banquet of General Qiao’s return.”

“Let’s not let the country come .” People from all walks of life in the hotel have been waiting for a long time, so let’s go to the state guesthouse first!”

When the country’s lord spoke, everyone naturally agreed readily. They boarded the car in an orderly manner according to their identities.

Yash Nics was sitting in the two red-flag cars. Dian Chu was driving, Lu Shaocong was sitting in the co-pilot, Yash Nics was sitting in the back seat, accompanied by Yash Nics in the back seat was the Northern Military Region Commander Greed Wolf.

Greedy Wolf noticed that after Yash Nics got in the car, there was no smile on his face, but he kept frowning and looked thoughtful in his clothes.

Greed Wolf thought that Yash Nics was dissatisfied with the master’s intervention in military affairs, and dissatisfied with the master’s arrangement of Qiao Keting as deputy governor.

He whispered: “General Governor, Qiao Keting is actually very famous in the army, and he also has the support of people from all walks of life in the private sector. Even the five hermit families of’Prosperous times behind closed doors and troubled times to save the country’ expressed their willingness to serve Qiao Keting. It’s a hard work to

follow the dog.” “It can be seen how terrifying Qiao Keting’s influence in the civilian population is in the army.”

“The Lord has no choice but to appease these forces, so arranging Qiao Keting as deputy governor is also a helpless move.”

“Of course. The Lord probably also thinks that the power of the governor is too great and wants to balance it.”

Yash Nics waved his hand and said, “Do you think I’m angry and dissatisfied with the Lord’s appointment of Qiao Keting as the deputy governor?”

“You think too much, but Qiao Keting is actually Deputy Governor, I don’t have any opinion.”

“Even I still look forward to his performance, hoping that he can contribute more to the army and the country.”

Greedy Wolf was stunned and couldn’t help saying: “Why do you get on the train? After that, I kept frowning. Is there any other problem?”

Yash Nics said lightly: “Qiao Keting’s voice, I vaguely feel familiar.” Greedy

wolf was astonished: “It’s impossible, General Qiao is more than 20 years old.” I disappeared a year ago. When General Qiao disappeared, I guess you were still an ignorant boy!”

“It stands to reason that General Qiao was the first to see General Qiao!”

Yash Nics calmly said: “I saw him for the first time.”

“But his voice is very similar to the spy voice on Marshall’s phone yesterday.”


Greedy Wolf, Dianchu, and Lu Shaocong all stared, their faces full of disbelief.

Greedy Wolf swallowed hard: “General Governor, are you sure, is there anything wrong with this?”

Yash Nics said flatly: “I’m not 100% sure, but I doubt it in my heart.”

“You all. It’s my old man, someone I can trust, so I didn’t hide it from you.”

“I think there is a problem with this Qiao Keting.” A

few greedy wolves have ugly faces and sweat on their foreheads. Qiao Keting has prestige in the army. The people have a foundation, and the Lord still trusts and respects him very much.

If he is a spy and has connections with the enemy country, then this will be a very difficult problem.

Yash Nics said: “Don’t say anything about this, Lu Shaocong!”

Lu Shaocong said quickly: “Subordinates are here!”

Yash Nics said calmly: “You can find some absolutely loyal subordinates and investigate Qiao Keting secretly. It’s best to get him missing. All the information for these years is complete.”

Lu Shaocong said: “Yes, the governor.”

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