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Chapter 2413: attitude change

Qiaoke pavilion very angry.

Yash Nics was all injured by Yash Nics in his old ministry, the Four Great Wars, and many of them are still lying in the hospital!

The legendary killer Lao Motong, whom Qiao Lin had contacted so hard, failed to assassinate Yash Nics.

What made him even more uncomfortable was that when he came to the Dudu’s Mansion, he was unable to see the Dududu twice after asking to see him.

Today, this is the third time he has recently come to see the governor.

In the reception room.

Qiao Keting is wearing a gray cloth and sitting on a chair with his eyes closed.

Qiao Lin respectfully stood behind him.

at this time!

There was a sound of footsteps, and only a middle-aged man in military uniform came in. It was Lu Shaocong, the director of the Metropolitan Government.

When Lu Shaocong came in, Qiao Keting had already opened his eyes.

Lu Shaocong raised his hand to salute Qiao Keting and said: “General Qiao, I’m really sorry, the general governor is in a meeting. Would you like to come again next time?”

Qiao Lin was a little angry when he heard this!

Anyway, his elder brother is about to take up the post of deputy governor, but the chief governor has refused to see him repeatedly.

Qiao Keting’s face remained as usual. He only glanced at Lu Shaocong, and then

said flatly: “It’s okay , the general governor is in a meeting, I can wait until the general governor finishes the meeting.” Lu Shaocong heard the words and said, “Okay! ”

After speaking, he called the guards, added tea to Qiao Keting again, and then retired respectfully.

After the guard added tea, he also retreated.

In the huge reception room, only Qiao Keting and Qiao Lin were left.

Qiao Lin couldn’t bear it, and grumbled: “Brother, did you say that the chief governor deliberately? Is he dissatisfied with the appointment of you as deputy governor by the lord of the country? Embarrass us?”

Qiao Keting was so skeptical in his heart, but coldly reprimanded: “Hugh is so nonsense!”

Qiao Lin shut up, not daring to talk nonsense .

Qiao Keting closed his eyes again.

As time passed, Qiao Lin was impatient and wanted to get angry several times, but finally held back.

Qiao Keting kept his eyes closed, and didn’t know if he was waiting patiently or was asleep?

Unconsciously, three hours passed.

There was a sound of footsteps outside the door again. Among them, the person who walked in the front stepped calmly and powerfully, and he knew that he was a decisive person.

Qiao Keting could not help but suddenly opened his eyes!

Then, I saw a tall man wearing a Suzaku jersey and a gold unicorn mask with a group of subordinates coming in calmly from the outside. It is not the general commander of the military today, who else?

Qiao Keting could not help showing a trace of envy when he saw the gorgeous and bright battle robe on the governor’s body and the majestic and majestic unicorn mask on his face.

A big man was born in heaven and earth, so he should be like this!

The color of envy and jealousy flashed in his eyes.

He stood up, took Qiao Lin quickly to meet him, and smiled and raised his hand in salute.

When Yash Nics saw Qiao Keting saluting him, he also raised his hand to return a military salute.

“Mr. Qiao has been waiting for a long time.” When

Yash Nics met with Qiao Keting for the first time at the airport, he called Qiao Keting as General Qiao, but this time, his name for Qiao Keting had quietly changed.

Qiao Keting also realized this.

The general governor’s attitude towards him has undergone a subtle change!

However, Qiao Keting was dissatisfied that the chief governor was about to become deputy governor, so his attitude towards him changed.

Therefore, Qiao Keting didn’t care too much.

He never thought that the chief governor suspected that he was a spy, so he changed his attitude.

He didn’t even think that the chief governor in front of him was Yash Nics, who had recently worked hard to kill him.

At this time, he smiled and said to Yash Nics: “The Governor, I haven’t waited long. The tea in the Governor’s

Mansion is good. My brother and I are drinking tea. I didn’t feel the time is passing, and the Governor came.” Yash Nics knew Qiao Keting. I’m complaining, you have just drunk a few pots of tea before you come.

He smiled slightly, made a gesture of please, and said faintly: “Mr. Joe is coming to me, there must be something to do, come, sit down and talk.”

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