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Chapter 2414: Yash Nics sounds very good!

Qiao Keting nodded, sat down with Yash Nics, and talked across the coffee table.

Qiao Keting said: “The Lord arranged for me to take up the post of deputy governor. In the future, I would like to ask the general governor for advice.”

Yash Nics said indifferently: “Mr. Qiao is old and respectful. With your joining, I believe the military will definitely come. The better.”

Qiao Keting humbled a few words, and immediately said: “Although I have not yet come to take office, I am actually already actively preparing, while my health is still fine, I will dedicate my remaining heat to the country and the military. ”

I haven’t been in the army for more than 20 years. This time, the country’s lord trusted me so much and assigned me such an important position as the deputy governor.”

“I’m really

sick of sleeping and eating !” Yash Nics said, “Mr. Qiao, isn’t it? I feel the pressure is overwhelming. If Mr. Qiao feels that he is old and unsuitable for high-intensity work, I can actually tell the country lord and arrange for Mr. Qiao a more leisurely position.”

Qiao Keting’s eyes widened!

He was just a little humble, the chief governor wanted to hit a snake with a stick, and wanted to take the opportunity to transfer him to another post?

Qiao Keting was frightened and angry, and quickly said: “No, no, I am not afraid of pressure. I am just worried that after taking office, there are not a few familiar subordinates, and the work is not easy to start.”

“So, I summoned my back then. In the old department, although many of them are no longer in the army, they are actually very good.”

“A few of them were once called Kings of the Four Great Wars!”

“I thought I would let them return to the army after I joined. Serving under me and working for the country with me.”

“These people are the mainstays of the army, and they also have patriotism, but you guess what happened after they came to the capital?”

Yash Nics

seemed to be smiling but not smiling , and deliberately asked: “What?” Qiao Keting said indignantly: “They came to the capital, and they were beaten up, and all of them were injured. They were all admitted to the hospital!”

Yash Nics said: “They were all beaten up. I was sent to the hospital, why is it so bad?”

Qiao Keting almost choked on hearing the words of the chief governor.

He couldn’t help saying: “The chief governor, this is not the point to be concerned about. You should pay attention to who committed the crime and wounded them and the talents!”

Yash Nics nodded, “That’s right, who beat them? Injured?”

Qiao Keting said: “The former commander-in-chief of the Northern Territory Army, now at home, his name is the God of War, Chen Shaoshuai and Yash Nics are actually the king of the market.” When

this was said, Lu Shaocong and other trusted subordinates around Yash Nics looked at each other. , The expression is weird.

Yash Nics gave a long cry and said, “It turns out that it was Yash Nics who wounded your old parts, but why did Yash Nics wound your old parts for no reason?”

Qiao Keting did not speak.

Arbor behind him then stand up and loudly said:. “Viceroy report it, that Ning before in the Northern Territory when the military commander of the time, it acts recklessly, was later removed jobs, stay at home.”

“But that fellow though He is at home, but he is not a master of cessation.”

“He used to be the commander-in-chief of the Northern Territory Army before, and he was well-connected in the army. He also relied on his wife being the boss of a big group, rich and powerful, and relied on it. He is

very powerful in martial arts…” Before Qiao Lin could finish speaking, the general governor smiled and said: “This Yash Nics sounds pretty good, he has friends and connections, a good wife, and he is also very strong in martial arts. .”

Lu Shaocong and others behind the governor couldn’t help laughing.

Qiao Keting glared at Qiao Lin dissatisfiedly.

Qiao Lin was sweating profusely and said hurriedly: “General Governor, after you have finished listening, then Yash Nics is able to rely on his own skill, rich and powerful, and often bullies men and women. ”

This time I also bullied

others and wounded all the famous soldiers in the past. It can be said to be a heinous crime and a great influence.” “I

implore the majority to punish this person and give everyone a fair.” Qiao Keting said at this time: ” The general governor, severely punish Yash Nics, this is what I meant. Please the general governor to enforce the military

laws and eliminate the scum in the army.” Lu Shaocong and others became serious when they heard this.

Everyone’s eyes fell on the chief governor.

The general governor picked up the tea, took a sip of tea at will, and then said faintly: “Since Mr. Qiao requested it, the military department will investigate the matter carefully and severely punish violations as a discipline and will never tolerate it.”

Yash Nics finished, looking forward to it. Xiang Lu Shaocong: “Xiao Lu, you are personally responsible for this matter.”

Lu Shaocong saluted: “Yes, the governor.”

Qiao Keting and Qiao Lin smiled triumphantly when seeing the governor attaching such importance.

And they didn’t know that Yash Nics said to investigate the matter and severely punish those who violated rules and disciplines. Yash Nics was going to hold the King of the Four Great Wars and others accountable!

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