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Chapter 2426: Stick to one minute count you win

Zhao Qing Ning four people hear the words, Youjingyounu.

Zhao Qing wanted to say what qualifications do you have to test us instead of the military?

But after thinking about it, the purpose of the few of them entering Beijing this time was to help General Qiao get rid of Yash Nics, who was inconvenient for General Qiao.

There was no excuse for worrying about Yash Nics!

Now Yash Nics himself proposes to learn from each other. Isn’t this a pillow for drowsiness?

Thinking about this, Zhao Qing’s mouth has a sneer: “You have to test the strengths of the four of us. Well, we also want to learn from you in this Northern Territory battle, and see if you are worthy of the name or wave. Get a false name.”

Zhu Letian also grinned and said: “You can

compete , but you have no eyes. You have to take responsibility for any accidents in the process.” Li Wendong slyly said: “Yash Nics, let’s say that, and volunteer to study. , life and death conceited. ”

Guo day trip tightlipped on Ning said:” Chen, you detract from the God of War, which will not chicken out, right? ”

Dian Chu angrily:” overkill, you count something, but also with Will our marshal do it yourself?”


, Dianchu, will play with you guys.” Yash Nics said lightly: “Dianchu, it does n’t matter , after all, they are selected by the military. I personally weigh them.”

Dianchu heard the words. Say yes, and then stand back behind Yash Nics.

Xiao Yao’s eyes were complicated. She didn’t know that Yash Nics was the chief governor. She thought Yash Nics had lost power now, and Qiao Keting was about to become the deputy governor. She felt that Yash Nics was against the Qiao family, and she must have no good fruit.

At this time, she regretted that she was too impulsive, which led to the involvement of Yash Nics.

Seeing that Yash Nics was about to fight several young masters from the hermit family, she hurriedly hid away and took out her mobile phone to call her father.

She told her father what happened in a few words.

Then he begged very anxiously: “Dad, the Qiao family and the four hermit families are going to embarrass Yash Nics. You can quickly find a way to help Yash Nics?”

Dad Xiao is one of the 28 ministers, others don’t know. Yash Nics is the chief governor, he knows it.

He heard that Yash Nics had a conflict with the children of the Qiao family and several hidden families, and he was also a little confused.

He knew that Yash Nics would not suffer, but it was inconvenient to tell his daughter that Yash Nics was the secret of the governor, so he finally suffocated one sentence: “Daughter, this matter is not something you can interfere with. What are you doing? Don’t worry about it, just do what you should do!”

After speaking, Dad Xiao hung up the phone.

Xiao Yao mistakenly thought that her father was afraid of the Qiao family and taboo several hidden families.

She was trembling with anger, angry, anxious, and helpless.

In fact, Xiao Yao’s small act of secretly calling for help was seen by Qiao Lin, Zhao Qing and others.

They deliberately didn’t rush to do anything with Yash Nics, just to see what help Xiao Yao could find, and if there was a backing to the sky?

When they saw Xiao Yao looking frustrated after the phone call, they knew that Xiao Yao couldn’t find someone to help, and no one dared to help Xiao Yao and Yash Nics.

Qiao Lin and others sneered.

Now a big capital, and even the entire China, apart from the country’s lord and the current chief governor, who has the courage to live with the Qiao family and several hidden families?

See Xiao Yao failed to ask for help!

Qiao Lin and others became more confident.

Zhao Qing squinted his eyes and said to Yash Nics: “Yash Nics, the four of us, you choose one to be your opponent!”

Yash Nics said flatly: “Don’t waste time, let the four of you go together.”

“I only use one hand. If you can hold it for a minute in front of me, even if you pass the test, I guarantee that you can enter the military. Effective.”

“If I use one hand and the four of you can’t hold on to me for a minute, then you can stay cool and cool. Don’t expect to enter the military department through special recruitment.”

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