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Chapter 2433: Yash Nics, you can count it.

Heroes’ Villa.

In the huge open-air parking lot, all kinds of luxury cars are parked, such as Lincoln, Maybach, Rolls Royce, Bentley and so on.

The worst cars here are Mercedes-Benz BMW Audi.

But when Yash Nics’s red flag appeared, all the vehicles on the scene were eclipsed in front of this red flag dedicated to the head.

The red flag car stopped and opened.

First, the driver Dianchu quickly got out of the car, walked quickly over, opened the back seat and went out.

Immediately afterwards, Yash Nics, who was tall and tall, and Xiao Yao, who was beautiful and moving, got out of the car.

As soon as Yash Nics appeared, the eyes of the audience fell on him.

at this time!

A scarred face appeared, and he looked at Yash Nics with a faint smile: “Haha, Yash Nics, you are really here, and you actually have a female companion.”

“It seems that your Excellency really regarded tonight as a banquet. ! ”

Ning chuckle:” not four of you say gracefully hidden world family feast, invited me to an appointment it “?

scar heart sneer, please drink tea sometimes not necessarily make you a cup of tea, perhaps you go to jail ; Inviting you to a banquet is sometimes not necessarily inviting you to dinner, it may also be preparing to send you on the road.

Of course, there is no scar through the words, just smiled, and then said: “We are four hidden world of the family patriarch, has been waiting for a long time in there, sir, please.”

Ning smile: “! There are workers lead the way”

Scar with Yash Nics walked into the gate of the villa, walked through the courtyard, and walked towards the ancient magnificent hall.

In the huge courtyard, on both sides of the road paved with cobblestones, there were hundreds of men in strong suits with war swords hanging on their waists.

When Yash Nics passed on the cobblestone road, men on both sides of the road were dressed up and they drew knives at the same time.


the men on both sides of the road, in a group of two, crossed the swords together, and made a sharp clash of the swords.

For a time, the light of the knife crossed, and the garden was chilly.

Scar brought Yash Nics forward, and when they

got closer, the swords that were blocking the way were raised… Scar was a little proud, and the corner of his eyes peeked at Yash Nics, wanting to see Yash Nics. Haven’t been scared by this battle?

However, he found that Yash Nics still had a calm expression on his face.

That calm look is a bit like the leader of the inspection troop!

Ning Chu typical at this time of nearest approach road around: “These people are good, you feel compared to our military guard of honor, how?”

Dian Chu seriously replied: “bells and whistles, compared with the military honor guard, they It’s Pediatrics.”


When Scarface heard the conversation between Yash Nics and Dian Chu, his face was both ugly and embarrassed.

The four hermit families made this move, and they wanted to give Yash Nics a blow.

But now it seems that he has become a joke.

Finally, walked into the hall of the main hall.

In the wide hall, the four respected patriarchs, Zhao Qingyuan, Zhu Yanping, Li Juncheng, and Guo Zhongzheng, were sitting on four grandmaster chairs lined up.

Behind them is a shrine.

On the dense shelves, ancestor tablets are placed.

It turns out that this heroic villa enshrines the ancestor tablets of many major hermit families.

This is the origin of the name of Heroes’ Villa, and it is also the reason why the major hermit families gather here today.

Around the hall, there are countless masters of the four hermit families, standing in strict hierarchy according to their respective identities.

When Yash Nics and the others came in, all eyes fell on them, and the eyes of these people were full of majesty and hostility.

Yash Nics and Dianchu, both of them walked out of the sea of ​​blood, and didn’t think so.

But Xiao Yao was too nervous. She felt a sense of fear as she walked into the Chenghuang Temple in the middle of the night, facing the Yama of the Ten Temples and the full house of bull heads and horses.

In fact, in her eyes, the patriarchs of the four hermit families really have the same power of life and death as Lord Yan.

Zhao Qingyuan was holding the tea cup at this time, raised his little finger with long nails, and slowly fiddled with the tea foam with the teacup lid.

I caught a glimpse of Yash Nics coming.

He said coldly: “Yash Nics, you can count it.”

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