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Chapter 2436: Listen to Ray Taoist

among several hidden world family, regarded as the weakest of the Dragon family.

Among the patriarchs of several hidden families, Zhao Qingyuan was also the weakest one.

But even so, Yash Nics’s ability to easily defeat Zhao Qingyuan is enough to prove that the God of War of China is not in vain.

Yash Nics is definitely the strongest opponent they have ever encountered.

Yash Nics said coldly at this time: “I thought the patriarch of the Hidden Family was so powerful, but now it seems like that. Is it because you have been busy fighting for fame and fortune these years, causing your strength to decline like this?”

Zhao Qingyuan was holding his chest, supported by several clansmen, and barely stood up.

His face was like golden paper at this time, and he had completely lost the ability to fight.

He was ashamed and angry when he heard Yash Nics’s words, but he couldn’t refute it. After all, how brave the defeated general is!

Zhu Yanping stood up at this time and said in a deep voice : “Yash Nics, I admit that you are good, but this is not enough to be a reason for your arrogance.”

“You must know that there is a

sky outside, and I will teach you a lunatic .” Li Juncheng grabs He said: “Mr. Zhu, let me teach this guy. Let me avenge Mr. Zhao.”

Guo Qilin said loudly, “Don’t fight between you two. I’ve seen this kid not pleasing to my eyes. I’ll come. Pack him up.”

Zhu Yanping and the three of them are better than Zhao Qingyuan. They all feel that they have the strength to defeat Yash Nics, and they all rushed to teach Yash Nics.

After all, if anyone kills Yash Nics with his own hands, he will go to General Qiao’s birthday banquet tomorrow, so he can also take credit for General Qiao!

Yash Nics said coldly: “The three of you don’t have to fight anymore. Let’s go with the three. I don’t want to waste time.”


Everyone on the scene was shocked when they heard Yash Nics’s words.

Yash Nics actually wanted to challenge three patriarchs of the hermit family with one enemy and three at the same time.

This is really arrogant.

Zhu Yanping and the three were also completely angered.

“Yash Nics, since you are looking for death, then we have to fulfill you.”

After speaking, Zhu Yanping first rushed to Yash Nics.

Li Juncheng and Guo Qilin hesitated a little, but worried that Zhu Yanping would take away the credit for killing Yash Nics, so the two also followed Yash Nics.

The unprecedented fierce battle broke out in an instant.

Zhu Yanping’s three people, all of them were master-level powerhouses of the founding faction, and the three of them joined forces, and the world changed color.

But Yash Nics was as steady as a rock in the face of the siege of the three masters.

I saw Yash Nics standing in place, calmly responding to the siege of the three masters.

Dian Chu, Xiao Yao and others only saw the three masters turned into countless figures, flying around Yash Nics, constantly attacking Yash Nics.

While Yash Nics stood in place, coping with ease, but because Yash Nics’s speed was too fast, in everyone’s eyes, Yash Nics seemed to have three heads and six arms at the same time.


There was a fist to the flesh, followed by a figure flying out, still sprinkling a puff of blood in the air.

It turned out to be Zhu Yanping, who was flew by Yash Nics with a punch.

Immediately afterwards, there was another bang.

A figure flew out and hit the wall, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

It turned out that Li Juncheng was also injured by Yash Nics.

The last Guo Zhongping, barely supported a few moves in front of Yash Nics, was finally swept in the head by Yash Nics, was swept away on the spot, and passed out into a coma.

The patriarchs of the four major families have all been defeated in front of Yash Nics at this moment.

For a time, the masters of the four hidden families at the scene collapsed one by one, all looking at Yash Nics in horror, the group of heroes were silent.

Yash Nics was just about to speak, and was about to order that the four hermit families, like the White Tiger family, must completely retreat.

But at this moment, an old voice floated in the wind.

“The younger generation is skilled, but you can’t do it arbitrarily. The old Zhu Tinglei, the Taoist listen to Lei Taoist, come and have two tricks with the little friend.”

Zhu Yanping, a person on the scene, heard the voice floating in the wind. , First were stunned, and immediately became excited.

“It’s the ancestor!”

“Our Zhu family has been out for decades, and now we are one hundred and fifty years old. Shenlong saw the ancestor who had never seen the end, and unexpectedly came.”

“Haha, that’s great, Yash Nics. It’s a good way to take death once.”

Now everyone cheered excitedly.

At this time, it was five miles away from the foothills of Heroes’ Villa.

A red-faced old man wearing a Taoist robe was carrying a mahogany sword on his back, and he went up the mountain unhurriedly.

He is Zhu Tinglei, the ancestor of the Suzaku family who has wandered outside for decades.

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