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Chapter 2460: Tianbao to Dong Xijing

scene of the most shocking of the people, not the people Song, but Liu Hongyu, Liu Hongyu and employment of these thugs.

Liu Hongyu’s eyes widened and his mouth opened. He looked at Yash Nics in disbelief, and said to himself in a trembling voice: “What, he is a general governor, impossible, impossible…”

Yash Nics’s gaze fell on Liu Hongyu and said coldly: “You just said that only the military can cure you?”

“Well, now I will represent the military to take back all your military glory and hand you over at the same time. Give it to the military, are you satisfied with the result?”

Liu Hongyu’s expression turned pale.

Wang Daofang said at this time: “Come on, arrest all of these people, shoot them first, and put the rest in military prison.”


Liu Hongyu knelt down with a plop.

He knew that this time it was completely over.

He just got down on his knees and was carried away by two soldiers.

All the subordinates he hired were also taken away.

Even the body of Shuangtian Supreme was taken away, and the scene was quickly cleaned up, as if nothing had happened.

Wang Daofang said to Yash Nics: “The governor, originally today is the birthday of the governor’s wife, I should stay and have a drink of birthday wine before leaving.”

“But I didn’t expect such an unpleasant thing happened today . My subordinates would go back first and come out in person. Criticize the gangsters and give the general governor an explanation.”

Yash Nics nodded: “Okay, retreat.”

Soon, Wang Daofang took the troops and left.

All the Song family members were rescued at the scene.

Song Qingsong and the others surrounded Yash Nics with the stars Gongyue. Everyone completely put aside their previous fears at this time. What they are concerned about now is, when will Yash Nics become the chief governor?

Yash Nics said, “Whether it is the commander-in-chief of the Northern Territory Army or the general governor, they are all soldiers, so don’t care too much about it.”

“In addition, I am the general governor. . ” ”

you are their own side, they know nothing, but it was not to quiet, not a bully, you know? ”

Song Qingsong, who repeatedly promised.

In the eyes of Song Qingsong and others, it was not that they wanted to bully others, but that Yash Nics was the chief governor, and no one would dare to bully their Song family in the future.

How can this not be ecstatic?

Because Liu Hongyu made such a fuss and died, so Song Pingting’s birthday party was held in a low-key place.

The birthday party of Song Pingting was temporarily changed to Meander Cloud Restaurant, which is Dong Tianbao’s restaurant.

Dong Tianbao has not dared to see Yash Nics since the last money gambling incident.

But he did not expect that Yash Nics would choose to celebrate Song Pingting’s birthday in his restaurant. He did not dare to neglect, and ordered the restaurant staff to organize the birthday banquet very properly.

The banquet is over.

Yash Nics stood smoking in the corridor of the restaurant and called Dong Tianbao over.


Although Yash Nics is now the chief governor, Dong Tianbao is still used to calling Yash Nics the marshal.

Yash Nics said indifferently: “How are you doing recently?”

Dong Tianbao said, “Don’t bet, the business is going well. I plan to sell all the restaurants, nightclubs and other industries next month, and I will be able to pay off the young handsome by then. Borrow the money from me.”

Yash Nics frowned slightly: “Sell all the property and pay off my money. What are you going to do and live in the mountains and forests?”

Dong Tianbao said, “No, after the last time, I learned from the pain and felt that life in the market was not what I wanted. to life. ” ”

just Xijing Military urgent need of staff, Xijing Military Zhaoruo Long called for veterans, visit Xijing effect. ” ”

my heart, want to go to Xijing military. ”

Ning heard this, could not help think of it, the recent wolf country around the corner, to The West Territory Military Region increased the pressure.

Zhao Ruolong has been guarding the wolf country, and previously applied to him, hoping to recruit veterans to the Western Military District and increase the strength of the Western Military District.

At that time, Yash Nics also approved Zhao Ruolong’s application.

Unexpectedly, Dong Tianbao knew about this policy and planned to go to the West.

Yash Nics took a breath: “Why don’t you return to the Northern Army?”

Dong Tianbao smiled: “The Northern Territory is relatively stable now, and there are wolves in the Western Territory. ”

Yash Nics said: “It seems that you are determined.”

“Since you have this ambition, I can’t stop it.”

“Well, let me call Zhao Ruolong back and tell him that you are my soldier, and let him take care of you.” One point.”

Dong Tianbao knelt down when he heard the words, tears streaming down his face: “Thank you, Master!” The

reason why Dong Tianbao was crying was not because Yash Nics took care of him specially, but because of the phrase’You are my soldier’. .

This proves that in the young marshal’s heart, he is still regarded as his own!

Yash Nics patted him on the shoulder and said, “When you arrive at the Western Territory Army, do it well. You used to be a member of our Northern Army. Don’t lose the face of the Northern Army.”

Dong Tianbao said loudly, “Yes, Master!”

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