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Chapter 2467: advise you to play gooseberry

Yash Nics Ganggang Dian Chu told to look into the matter who is in the mischief, Song Painting cell phone rang.

Song Pingting was also a little stunned when she saw the strange phone number displayed on her mobile phone, and subconsciously connected the call.

“Haha, Miss Song, right?”

Song Pingting said, “Yes, who are you?”

The woman on the phone giggled and said, “My name is Jiang Yuling. I am a program host on provincial TV. I don’t know Miss Song. Do you know me?”

Song Pingting rarely watches TV programs on weekdays, but her mother watches them, so she knows that Jiang Yuling is a well-known host.

She said politely: “It turned out to be the host, Miss Jiang, don’t you know what

Ms. Jiang has contacted me for?” Jiang Yuling smiled and said: “It seems that there has been a lot of negative news about Miss Song recently. I want to give you a message to Miss Song. I’m going to do an interview specifically, I don’t know what you want?”

Song Pingting tactfully refused: “Thank you Miss Jiang for your kindness, but I personally don’t like being reported or showing my face in front of the media, so I’m sorry, I can’t accept it. Please forgive me for your interview, Miss Jiang.”

Jiang Yuling said with a smile but a smile: “You don’t like to show your face in front of the media, but if you show your face in the media, and the media reports whether your news is good or bad, I’m afraid you can’t help it.

Forget it .” If Jiang Yuling’s language was considered polite when the call was first connected, Song Pingting smelled something wrong with this sudden sentence.

Song Pingting frowned her eyebrows: “I don’t know what Miss Jiang said?”

Jiang Yuling smiled, did not answer Song Pingting’s question, but suddenly said: “Jiang Zihao is my younger brother.”

Jiang Zihao?

Who is that?

Just as Song Pingting’s face was full of doubts, Tong Ke, who had been listening with his ears upright next to him, had already whispered in Song Pingting’s ear: “Cousin, Jiang Zihao had a car collision with me two days ago, and he was arrogant. The man my brother-in-law taught

me . ” What? !

Song Pingting’s eyes showed a touch of shock, and at the same time she was suddenly shocked.

It turns out that Jiang Yuling is Jiang Zihao’s sister!

From this point of view, Jiang Yuling called and said to interview her, simply because the drunkard didn’t want to drink.

At the same time, Song Pingting also understood.

I am afraid that the false news that made up facts in the major media recently and the reports that discredit her are probably promoted by this Jiang Yuling.

Song Pingting said angrily: “It turns out that the recent reports that slander me are your ghosts.”

Jiang Yuling smiled triumphantly: “Miss Song, you are also a well-known entrepreneur. Don’t talk nonsense if you have no basis. Otherwise, I will sue you for slander.”

“Also, I have already understood about your family’s beating and insulting my brother.”

“My request is very simple. All of your family will come over and kneel down and apologize to my brother. . ”

“! then twenty million compensation for their loss of vehicle expenses with medical expenses ”

Song Ping Ting angrily:” this matter will be responsible for the traffic police have been confirmed to be fully responsible for your brother, your brother is wrong lesson, with Why do you want us to kneel down to apologize for your brother?”

Jiang Yuling said coldly: “I can ruin you.”

“I only give you one night to think about it!”

“Tomorrow morning, I will bring my brother there. Your company.”

“If you kneel down and apologize for my brother and agree to compensate for the economic losses, then I will give you an interview tomorrow to help you clarify in the major media and restore your reputation.”

“If you refuse to apologize for compensation, then tomorrow I will not be interviewing you, but will report your evil deeds on the spot, which will completely ruin you.”

Song Pingting: “Evil deeds?”

“What’s wrong with me!”

Jiang Yuling said with a sneer: “Hehe, you forget what I eat. I said you have what you have. I will fabricate a few great inside stories for you and ruin you. It is too simple for me.”

“Song Ping Ting, you are ruined, and your company’s stock price doesn’t know how much it’s going to fall.

I don’t know how heavy the loss is.” “I advise you to learn more and don’t make yourself embarrassed.”

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