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Chapter 2475: Beat

Dragon One plane, there are more than a dozen large transport aircraft, and aircraft convoy fighter planes, methodical landed on the western border military headquarters Airport.

In the excited eyes of more than 30,000 soldiers from the headquarters of the Western Territory Army, more than 2,000 tiger soldiers, fully armed and wearing masks, quickly got off the plane and assembled.

At the same time, the legendary Eighteen Cavalier in the Northern Territory, and now the Eighteen War Cavalry, also appeared in front of everyone.

Immediately afterwards, the general governor, wearing a Suzaku jersey and a unicorn mask, stepped on his combat boots and brought Dian Chu, Lu Shaocong and Ba Huwei, unhurriedly from the plane.

Before the special plane, the red carpet had already been laid.

The honor guard of the Western Territory Army had already been prepared.

As soon as the captain of the honor guard got off the plane and stood firm, he suddenly pulled out the command knife and said loudly, “Salute!”


Tens of thousands of soldiers and soldiers of the Western Territory at the scene, neatly and uniformly, raised their hands vigorously, and saluted toward the governor.

“Welcome the general governor!”

Tens of thousands of people said in unison, shaking the sky.

Everyone looked excitedly at the general governor in front of him, who was born in the sky, and led the Northern Army in the Northern Territory to defeat the army of the State of Shura in one fell swoop, the famous military god in World War I.

The West Territory Army has recently been repeatedly harassed by the Wolf Nation troops, which can be said to be very annoying, but the upper side has ordered them to restrain as much as possible, so they have been holding a breath recently and are extremely depressed.

Tonight, the general governor suddenly visited the airborne troops to give condolences, which gave great comfort to the West Army.

However, some people are not so happy about the arrival of the governor.

This person is the commander-in-chief of the Western Territory Army, Zhao Ruolong, known as the dragon of the military and the King of the Western Territory.

Originally, Zhao Ruolong planned to turn the exercise into actual combat tonight, cut first and then play, and directly use force against the wolf country.

He intends to use lightning speed to defeat the Divine Martial Army of the opposite wolf kingdom, and behead the wolf kingdom war god Li Longjia who has been clamoring recently.

But what he never expected was that when he just assembled his troops, Yash Nics actually appeared like a god of heaven.

And he knew very well that the main purpose of Yash Nics’s presence here was to stop him from cutting first and then playing, and to prevent him from starting a war without authorization.

at this time!

He looked at Yash Nics with complicated eyes and looked at the scene of the Western Army’s worship of Yash Nics like a god. He couldn’t help but feel a little unhappy.

He was originally the god in the eyes of the Western Army, but now he is fine. After Yash Nics appeared, Yash Nics became the god in the eyes of the Western Army.

Although it was not a taste in his heart, at this time he also had to clean up his emotions, and brought a group of capable men behind him to greet him quickly.

He walked to Yash Nics and raised his hand in salute.

“General Governor!”

“General Zhao has worked hard.”

Yash Nics and Zhao Ruolong shook hands after saluting each other.

Yash Nics looked at the tens of thousands of soldiers from the Western Border Army who were fully armed and ready to go, and smiled deliberately: “General Zhao is so enthusiastic, and the soldiers and brothers of the Western Border Army are so enthusiastic. They all gathered to greet me. I’m very touched by the arrival of ”

“Everyone has worked hard.”

Upon hearing the words, the soldiers on the scene showed a stunned expression. It turned out that the emergency gathering tonight is not a drill or a war, but a welcome party. The arrival of the governor.

Everyone said loudly: “It’s not hard.”

Zhao Ruolong had a weird expression. He assembled his troops and wanted to go to war, but now Yash Nics said it was a gathering welcome.

However, he also knew that Yash Nics was going down the stairs, and didn’t want to expose him to embarrassment.

He had to follow Yash Nics’s words: “The general governor learned that our Western Border Army has recently been challenged, and the soldiers have been under heavy tasks. They have come to comfort the army. Everyone welcomes them.” The

Western Border Army burst into excitement again.

Zhao Ruolong said again: “Now, I would like to ask the general governor to tell you a few words.”

Yash Nics did his part and gave an impromptu speech with the soldiers on the spot.

Ning eloquent, speech attracted the audience applause, the last meaningful Ning said: “! We shoulder the peace mission, the task is heavy big responsibility, must be cautious, absolutely can not make the slightest mistake”

live people do not think What’s wrong with Yash Nics’s words, but to Zhao Ruolong’s ears, it is no less than shocking thunder.

Zhao Ruolong knew that Yash Nics was beating him and warned him not to mess around.

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