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Chapter 2480: wolf country Mars

base where soldiers wolf country, rush rushed out.


A burst of gunfire sounded, and the soldiers of the wolf kingdom who had just emerged were beaten into blood sieves.

I saw a tall and tall man wearing a Chinese military uniform. He appeared at the headquarters base of the Shenwu Army of the Wolf Kingdom. It was Zhao Ruolong, the dragon of the West.

Zhao Ruolong’s face was indifferent, behind him were a large number of murderous elite subordinates.

He looked at the chaotic Shenwu Army camp in front of him, and said coldly: “Go in, slaughter them, find Li Longjia, the God of War of the Wolf Kingdom, and kill him.”

“Remember, you only have fifteen minutes. A quick fight and a quick decision.”


Ten tigers in the West, Eighteen Generals in the Wind and Clouds, and more than three hundred elites in the West, like a group of killing gods, entered the headquarters of the Shenwu Army of the Wolf Kingdom.

The sacred army of the wolf kingdom was obviously caught off guard.

In the dark night and in the chaos, they started a melee with the Western Army.

Zhao Ruolong walked indifferently in the chaos, looking for the trace of the God of War of the Wolf Kingdom.

Suddenly, a dozen Wolf State fighters with submachine guns were encountered head-on.

When the soldiers of the Wolf Kingdom saw Zhao Ruolong, they raised their submachine guns and shot them.

Zhao Ruolong’s figure suddenly moved and turned into an afterimage, which made a few weird reflections. Not only did he dodge all the bullets, he also passed through a dozen soldiers of the Wolf Kingdom.

When he passed through the gap between a dozen soldiers of the Wolf Kingdom and stood firm, he was dripping blood with a triangulated army thorn in his hand.

And the dozen or so soldiers of the Wolf Kingdom behind him all fell to the ground in a clatter, everyone was fragmented and cut into losers.

In the distance, a wolf country sniper aimed at Zhao Ruolong and wanted to shoot.

But Zhao Ruolong seemed to have a feeling, and suddenly raised his foot to kick a stone, the stone whizzed out like a cannonball, and hit the sniper’s head with a snap, and the sniper was killed instantly.

Zhao Ruolong’s face is indifferent.

Suddenly, a group of officers of the Wolf Kingdom appeared in front of them.

The head of the awe-inspiring man is Li Longjia, the God of War of the Wolf Kingdom.

When Li Longjia saw Zhao Ruolong, he recognized Zhao Ruolong at a glance, and said in anger: “Zhao Ruolong, you dare to lead the elites yourself, go deep alone and come to attack.”

Zhao Ruolong sneered: “Li Longjia, you don’t always yell at you.

Kill me, do you want to grab all the kapok in our west?” “I will give you a chance tonight. I will stand in front of you now and have the ability to kill me.” The

wolf kingdom war god Li Longjia has not yet say.

The group of generals around him have already scolded.

“Zhaoruo Long, you arrogant.”

“Dare alone in-depth, and other nearby stronghold surrounded by our troops over, you will be impassable.”

“We also need to kill you, General shot, I’ll take your dog’s head.”

Bawl, there Several soldiers of the Wolf Kingdom drew out their swords and slew towards Zhao Ruolong.

Zhao Ruolong was not afraid, strode against him, and with lightning strokes, several soldiers of the wolf kingdom were all beheaded by Zhao Ruolong.

The soldiers of the wolf country were shocked.

Zhao Ruolong took out something like a trick, pressed a mechanism, clicked, and there was a long iron pipe out of thin air in his hand.

He casually installed the Triangular Army thorn on the iron pipe, and even formed a long spear.


He casually threw the spear to the ground, stood with his hand in his hand, and coldly said to Li

Longjia : “Don’t be a tortoise, come to fight.” Li Longjia took a deep breath, slowly drew out the war knife, and pointed the war knife obliquely at the ground. .

Li Longjia has a dark and ordinary face, but his eyes are shining with a burning war.

He said in a deep voice: “I have three goals in my life, which are to kill the three strongest in China’s strongest army, namely, Zhao Ruolong, the king of the West, Yash Nics, the god of war in the North, and the mysterious Chinese governor. ”

I thought it would take a few years before I had a chance to achieve my goal.”

“I didn’t expect you to come to die, then I can only fulfill you.”

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