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Chapter 2485: Brothers to the expense of the bones are brought back

to the capital, Dudu.

After listening to Lu Shaocong’s report, Yash Nics couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

“What are you talking about, Zhao Ruolong is a spear and horse, and then enters the wolf country, wants to avenge the dead brothers?”

“Is he crazy?”

Lu Shaocong said: “He is not crazy, but this time he led the elite team. Almost the entire army was annihilated, and it caused him too much blow.”

“And this mistake was made by the general governor you repeatedly warned and reminded you, under the various guarantees he gave to the general governor, so he was under more pressure. a. ” ”

he knew that the crime is not light, plus brothers died stimulus to him. ” ”

he is, after falling in the bottom,破罐子破摔, go wolf country to die, with a die to atone. ”

Ning With a calm face, he said coldly: “Hu Lai!”

“I thought he had guarded the West for many years and had the ability to stand alone, but I didn’t expect to be stupid and stubborn. It really disappointed me.”

“How long has it been since he went to the wolf country to die .” a. ”

Lu Shaocong said:” after three hours before, Xijing military commanders found wrong, immediately report to the military Government. ”

Ning said:” he alone, to enter the western border, to reach eight-nation alliance summit site, an estimated half past one The meeting will also not arrive.”

“You have ordered the

Western Territory Army to be directly in charge of the Dudu Mansion from now on. Without the Dudufu’s order, no one can move, otherwise military law will deal with it.” Lu Shaocong said: “Yes!”

Yash Nics immediately ordered again.

Said : “You instruct all major war zones to stand by and be ready to fight at any time.” Lu Shaocong said, “Yes.”

Yash Nics immediately followed and said: “In addition, you make careful arrangements. I want to lead a group of elites into the wolf country.”


Lu Shaocong lost his voice: “General Governor, how can you learn from Zhao Rulong and act impulsively. Now the representatives of the Eight-Nation Alliance have arrived in the wolf country, and the second summit of this year will be held in the wolf country.”

“You are honorable, how can you? Go to a dangerous situation and take risks with your body?”

Dianchu and others around, also hurriedly tried to persuade Yash Nics.

Yash Nics did not wait for everyone to persuade him. He spoke slowly and said slowly: “I am not confused. I am also learning from Zhao Ruolong.”

“But Zhao Ruolong is our general in Huaxia Zhenjiang. There is no reason for Zhao Ruolong to die at the summit of the League of Eight.”

Yash Nics Speaking of this, he paused, and said: “Furthermore, the corpses of more than 300 brothers who were sacrificed in the wolf country must also be brought back. The corpses of the sacrificed brothers must not be left in the wolf country and defiled. Isn’t it?”

Everyone fell silent. Everyone knew that Yash Nics’s words made sense.

But Lu Shaocong was still worried: “The general governor is justified, but the Eight-Nation Alliance also has a wolf country. Now it is in the same situation as ours. If the general governor appears, they will definitely not talk about etiquette, and they will definitely harm you!”

Yash Nics said indifferently: “A group of demons and demons is not enough to kill me.”

“The only thing to be afraid of is their high-tech weapons such as airplanes, tanks and missiles.”

“So I now ask you to make careful deployments, when the time comes. I don’t care what method the military uses, whether it is to shoot down the key satellites above the wolf country, or let three thousand red guests invade the wolf country’s network system at the same time.”

“Anyway, I want the wolf country’s network to be completely paralyzed by that time.

” I want their planes to fly, and guided missiles to fly.”

“At that time, everyone will not be able to use high-tech weapons, only the sword and gun in their hands.”

“Even though the wolves have the

tens of thousands of armies, I feel like entering the land of no one.” Lu Shaocong’s eyes widened, and everyone at the scene opened their eyes wide.

Dian Chu asked Lu Shaocong: “Director Lu, according to the chief governor, can you fix the wolf country’s network system and paralyze all of their networks?”

Lu Shaocong thought for a while: “Theoretically, we can do it, but we have to mobilize it. The resources in the young army can even be said to be an information war with the wolf country, which requires a lot of manpower and financial resources.”

Yash Nics said

firmly : “No matter how much manpower and material resources are spent, we must do it.” Lu Shaocong said: “Oh, yes, Subordinates do it right away.”

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