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Chapter 2490: City Buildings to destroy dark clouds

the summit site.

Zhao Ruolong continued to fight with more than twenty masters of the Nine Nations, although he had added countless deep and shallow wounds to his body and turned into a blood man.

But he was still standing with a spear in his hand.

He was panting, looking at the corpses all over the floor, and shouting at Max and others again: “Come on, come again!”

Max frowned slightly.

Li Longjia couldn’t bear it. He pressed his sword on his waist and strode out and said coldly: “Zhao Ruolong, I didn’t want to take a shot against you, the defeated man, but if you dare to be strong in front of me, then I will draw the sword and give you a death.”

Zhao Ruolong Although panting, the fighting spirit became more and more high: “Before I was one enemy two, I didn’t lose to you or Max. Why do you say that I am your defeater?”

“Come on, let’s compete, who will lose today? Who wins?”

Li Longjia coldly snorted: “You were one against two. It’s only a matter of time before you lose.”

“And when you were one-on-one with me at first, you didn’t get any advantage. Now you are determined to die. , I dared to clamor in front of me.”

“You want to die, I will perfect you.”

After saying that, Li Longjia drew his sword, his body abruptly, like a wolf, carrying the power of wind and thunder, to kill Zhao Ruolong.

Zhao Ruolong fought with a gun.

Both of them came from the army, their fighting styles are similar, they are simple and neat, and their moves are deadly.

From the very beginning, the two sides launched a stormy confrontation, and the sound of weapon collision sounded in a line.

If it was a weekday, Zhao Ruolong would definitely be able to compete with Li Longjia.

It’s a pity that he has travelled a long distance recently and has waged a fierce battle with soldiers on the border of the Wolf Kingdom along the way.

After coming here, he faced the masters of the nine countries again and again.

At this time, the state is no longer at the peak level, and the physical fitness is declining drastically.

Therefore, at the beginning of the battle, Zhao Ruolong was able to match Li Longjia with a vengeful anger.

But gradually, he showed invincibility.

Become tired of defense, less active offense.

Li Longjia saw that Zhao Ruolong was already at the end of the crossbow, and couldn’t help showing his pride.

At this point, his offensive became more and more fierce.

Swish, three swords forcibly broke Zhao Ruolong’s defensive posture, causing the empty door on Zhao Ruolong’s chest to open wide, revealing flaws.

Li Longjia would naturally not let go of this fleeting opportunity, raising his hand was a knife to end Zhao Ruolong’s life.

But at this moment, there was a commotion among the reporters at the scene, and something seemed to be happening.

Li Longjia was also distracted by the sudden commotion of a group of reporters around him, which caused the knife to be so slow.

This caused Zhao Ruolong to barely escape the fatal blow.

But with this knife of Li Longjia, the blade was still able to touch Zhao Ruolong’s chest, and the blade cut through Zhao Ruolong’s clothes, leaving a long wound, dripping with blood.

Zhao Ruolong took his life back, gasping for breath.

Li Longjia also stopped at this time, did not continue to pursue, but frowned and looked at the tumultuous reporters next to him, wondering what happened?

Immediately afterwards, a subordinate hurried over and said anxiously: “General, it’s not good. Our satellite has been attacked, and the information unit of China’s military has opened fire on us, and our network has been completely paralyzed. . ” ”

now we do not have here a little signal, all the high-tech weapons, are severely affected, can not even use. ”


Li Longjia opened his eyes wide.

The representatives of the eight countries nearby were also in an uproar.

Max squinted his eyes: “It seems that China, after all, did not sit and watch Zhao Ruolong come to death, but took action.”

He said, and began to look around.

He knew that if Huaxia refused to watch Zhao Ruolong die, since the information war was launched, there must be other actions to cooperate, otherwise Zhao Ruolong could not be rescued.

Will Yash Nics, the Chinese God of War, and even the most mysterious Chinese governor, who has been in the sky recently, will appear?

It seems to be the best fortune!

Just when Max thought so, an armored convoy with the Chinese flag fluttered outside.

Yash Nics, wearing a Suzaku shirt and a unicorn mask, was the first to jump from the command vehicle.

Behind, Dian Chu, Eight Tiger Guards, Eighteen Horsemen in the North, Greed Wolf, Breaking Army, Seven Kills and other military masters also appeared one after another, all gathered behind Yash Nics, with a black cloud overwhelming the city to destroy the city. , Walking towards the summit site…

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