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Chapter 2503: wolf country stand

Ruanwen De Wolf in the end is the country’s main countries, is the master here.

In addition to the soldiers of the Wolf State saluting at the scene, Max and Catherine and other representatives from many countries all stepped forward to greet them.

Ruan Wende greeted everyone in an orderly manner. Immediately, he looked around the messy scene, and finally his eyes fell on Yash Nics.

Nguyen Van Tak is the main and peaceful faction, but not the weak faction.

He said in a deep voice: “General Governor, this seems to be the second time you crossed the border into our wolf country, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

Everyone’s eyes focused on Yash Nics.

Yash Nics calmly said: “I have been discussing with Mr. Ruan you to meet once, but I haven’t agreed on a time and place for the meeting.

I came here without saying hello today.” Ruan Wende hummed, “I intend to negotiate with you in China. , But your Huaxia West Army provokes our wolf country again and again, and now even you are taking your troops to trespass into the wolf country, do you really have the sincerity to resolve it peacefully?”

Max knows that Ruan Wende is the main and peaceful faction, and has always disagreed with the wolf country. Join the league.

Now that he sees Ruan Wende’s tone of voice to Yash Nics, he can’t help but feel a little secretly happy.

If the chief governor of China can not give Ruan Van Tak a satisfactory explanation this time, it is estimated that Ruan Van Tak will be forced to become the main fighting faction.

At this time, Yash Nics’s voice was still calm, and she smiled faintly: “I thought I had talked with Mr. Ruan on the phone several times, and both sides had intentions to resolve the dispute peacefully, and it would definitely be able to calm the fighting.”

“And I never did it in the first place. I thought about coming to the Wolf Nation!”

“It was only until I learned that your Wolf Nation was actually going to participate in the S8 Summit, and even declared that you would join the alliance.”

“Plus my brother from the West Territory Army, and your Wolf Nation Divine Martial Army, it happened. There is a conflict.”

“Therefore, I can’t come if I think about it.”

Yash Nics’s remarks are obviously saying: Your wolf country declares to join the alliance and participate in the containment and dealing with China, I can bear you, can I not come Show your face and declare your existence?

In addition, Yash Nics’s remarks also meant to warn Ruan Van Tak, warning the wolf country to choose carefully when deciding to join the alliance, participate in the containment and deal with China, so as not to set fire to self-immolation.

Originally, Ruan Wende was very angry about the Chinese governor leading the team to trespass into the wolf country and wounding Li Longjia and others.

However, Yash Nics’s words made his arrogance instantly short.

No way, he had made several phone calls with the chief governor of Huaxia, and vowed to say that the wolf country did not plan to join the alliance, and would not participate in the containment and dealing with Huaxia.

But because he was in the wolf country, he failed to suppress the military god Li Longjia, leading the wolf country to participate as a special guest of this S8 summit, and it was also reported that the wolf country would join the alliance.

In this matter, he was wrong, and at this time his words were not justified enough.

He coughed, and then said: “This S8 summit was held in the wolf country, and it was also held at the border of the wolf country, so close to the western border of China, which caused a lot of voices from the outside world.”

“including the rumors of the wolf country. I want to join the alliance.”

“I am now in front of everyone, with so many national reporters, and I will tell you as the leader of the wolf country.”

“We, the wolf country, do not plan to join any alliance for the time being, and I will undoubtedly follow Neighboring countries engage in confrontation.”

These words are exported.

Max’s face became very ugly.

He recently came in in order to win the wolf kingdom, but he has spent a lot of effort.

Unexpectedly, the wolf country was still afraid of China, and ultimately refused to agree to join the alliance.

He was a bit angry, but until Ruan Van Tak was the leader and faction, he had to look at Li Longjia, the representative of the main battle faction of the wolf kingdom.

It’s a pity that Li Longjia was taken off by Yash Nics, and he is still under the control of the Chinese Warriors, as if he had already lost his power.

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