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Chapter 2506: Dragon Ni Lin

suddenly, the vehicle stopped, heard a commotion outside came the sound.

Both Yash Nics and Zhao Ruolong realized something was wrong.

Yash Nics said in a deep

voice, “What happened outside?” Dian Chu reported loudly from outside the car: “The governor, prisoner of war Li Longjia, suddenly broke up and wounded people, trying to detonate the car in our convoy containing 5000 kg of TNT explosives. The vehicle, looking to die with us.”

Yash Nics and Zhao Ruolong got out of the command vehicle together.

I saw that the chaos was over.

The Chinese soldiers have restored order.

Li Longjia fell to the ground covered in blood, dying.

Next to them are Greedy Wolf, Breaking the Army, Seven Kills and others.

It turned out that Li Longjia took advantage of the slackness of the guards around him, and suddenly violently wounded people, trying to snatch the soldier’s submachine gun, and wanted to shoot and explode the transport vehicle containing 5000 attack TNT.

However, he was finally knocked down by Greed Wolf and others who arrived in time.

Yash Nics frowned, looked at the dying Li Longjia, and said coldly: “You really can’t see the coffin without tears, you have one arm removed, and you are so cruel, do you really want to live?”

Li Longjia gritted his teeth: ” You broke my arm, my wolf kingdom war god has been abolished.”

“You ruined me, I naturally want to die with you, but it’s a pity that God didn’t help me, only a little bit I was able to shoot and explode this car. The vehicle with explosives was burned with your jade.”

Yash Nics chuckled softly: “Haha, you think too much, in fact, the five thousand kilogram TNT bomb in that car is fake.”

“It’s not explosives, it’s all sand .” Coming.”

“Do you really think I came to you desperately with a five thousand attack TNT bomb, do you think I am the ancient Pound carrying a coffin and fighting Guan Gong?”


Is that five thousand kilogram bomb fake?

Li Longjia was frightened and angry, and only then did he know that he had been fooled by the Chinese governor during the whole process.

He said angrily: “Are you kidding us?”

Yash Nics said with a smile : “Just know, I won’t kill you this time, I will save you a little life. I hope you can do it for yourself when you go back.”

Li Longjia said with a grim face: ” You don’t kill me, but I won’t let you go.”

“You wait for me, and I will definitely make a comeback.”

“When the time comes, I will not only invade your west, but I will also slaughter your family. , I want to kill all the men in your family, and I want to put your women in the military camp as playthings. This is the end of your breaking my arm and ruining my future.”

Zhao Ruolong, Greed Wolf, Breaking Army, Seven Kills, Dian Chu and others , All became angry.

Yash Nics also slowly took off the unicorn mask on his face at this time, revealing a cold face.

A Long Li saw the true face of the Chinese viceroy, could not help cried aloud: “What is your original Chinese viceroy, Northern Territory God of War Ning!”

Ning coldly: “! Yes, it is me.”

“In fact, go At the time, your country’s lord gave me a look. He hoped to use my hand to get rid of you.”

“I didn’t want to kill you.”

“But, you shouldn’t irritate me.”

“Especially, you shouldn’t take mine .” My family came to threaten me.”

Li Longjia’s expression was hard to look at for a moment. He just lost his mind and said anything. At this moment, he felt the cold killing intent on Yash Nics, and he began to regret his ability to speak his tongue.

He opened his mouth and wanted to speak.

Yash Nics had already turned around, and coldly told Dian Chu: “Send him on the road, and return the body to the wolf kingdom.” The

dragon has a scale, and it will be angry if it touches it.

Li Longjia touched Yash Nics’s bottom line and paid a heavy price.

Dianchu said in a deep voice: “Yes, the chief governor!”

After speaking, Dianchu waved, and immediately two tiger guards stepped forward, erected Li Longjia, and followed Dianchu away.

When Yash Nics and Zhao Ruolong returned to the command vehicle, there was a gunshot outside.

Not long after, Dian Chu’s report came from outside: “I’m the chief governor, the enemy Li Longjia has been shot.”

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