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Chapter 2510: angered

at this time!

Yash Nics, Dianchu, Qin Zhenhao and other passengers left the airport together.

airport exit.

Song Pingting’s family and Tong Ke’s family were all standing among the pick-up crowd, eagerly waiting.


Song Qingqing’s eyes were sharp, and he could not help cheering when he saw Yash Nics all of a sudden.

Yash Nics took Dianchu and walked over quickly, took her daughter from Song Pingting’s arms, kissed her daughter’s little cheek directly, and asked with a smile: “Little baby, I haven’t seen you in a few days, miss my dad. No?”

Song Qingqing giggled and said, ” Yes, Qingqing missed Dad, and mom missed Dad.”

Song Pingting, who was next to her, instantly blushed.

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Haha, how does my mother think about Dad.”

Song Qingqing said vigorously: “Mom accompanies Qingqing to practice calligraphy. It was a copy of calligraphy, but when she practiced the calligraphy, she wandered away while she was writing. Now, it’s my father’s name, and a lot of father’s names have been written.”

Now, the red clouds on Song Pingting’s pretty face spread directly to the base of her neck.

She glared at her daughter in

embarrassment , and whispered: “Speak nonsense again, go back and beat your ass.” Song Qingqing put her arms around her father’s neck, and said triumphantly: “Daddy is back, I’m not afraid of being with him.”

Everyone burst into laughter again.

Song Pingting was also helpless, she couldn’t help it, other people’s families are fathers strict and mothers are gentle, and other people’s children are afraid of their fathers.

But her husband loves her daughter too much, causing her daughter to be afraid of her strict mother and not afraid of Yash Nics’s father. She is more affectionate with Yash Nics than with her.

Just when everyone was happy.

Suddenly heard a surprise shout: “Ha, Tong Ke! ”

Yash Nics and others looked in the direction where the sound came from, and then they saw Qin Zhenhao, walking over happily.


Ningzheng wondered if they knew each other? At this time, Tong Handong and Ma Baozhi were already surprised:” Ah, it’s Xiaohao. Our family came here today to pick you up with Yash Nics. I didn’t expect you two to be on the same flight! ”

Qin Zhenhao politely yelled for his uncle and auntie hello, and then he showed a puzzled expression: “Who is Yash Nics?” ”

Tong Handong couple quickly was another explanation.

Qinzhen Hao was stunned looking at Ning, he said:” So you are the child Ke table brother Yeah, a coincidence. ”

Yash Nics said with a smile: “Yes, it’s a coincidence.” ”

Speaking, the two shook hands.

Yash Nics’s palm was strong and powerful, obviously the hand that held a gun and a knife all the time.

But Qin Zhenhao’s hands were white and soft, like women’s hands.

Yash Nics’s heart was even more intense. Doubt.

Is this guy in front of him really a soldier in the peacekeeping force?

Or is it that the peacekeeping force generally does not participate in the battle, and Qin Zhenhao is the head of the regiment, so he doesn’t practice much on weekdays, so his hands are so white and tender?

Song Pingting is also at this time. Say hello to Qin Zhenhao with a smile: “I heard that Mr. Qin, you work in the peacekeeping force, you are a peace hero, and my husband is also a soldier. You are really destined. When

Qin Zhenhao saw Song Pingting, he couldn’t help showing his awe-inspiring color. He

immediately remembered that Song Pingting was married and his goal was Tong Ke. Then he quickly reduced his mind and said with a smile: “It turns out that Mr. Yash is also a soldier, no Know where to serve? ”

Yash Nics said lightly: “I used to serve in the Northern Army!” ”

Served in the Northern Army before?

now what?


Qin Zhenhao is still a bit worried at the beginning Ning heart mirage in the military, I heard soldiers Ning is not in the sea, he will be relieved, triumphant and said: “Oh, although I think The combat effectiveness of the Huaxia troops ranks low in the world.”

“Moreover, your Huaxia troops have recently fought against the Shura Kingdom and the Wolf Kingdom one after another, destroying world peace.”

“But in terms of etiquette, I think you are still doing a good job. ”

After all, just now your local military region sent fighter jets to escort me to greet me and pay my respects. I still have a good impression of you.”

Yash Nics frowned slightly!

He didn’t like to hear Qin Zhenhao’s words.

What is the Chinese army’s combat effectiveness at the back of the world?

What is China’s recent destruction of world peace?

What Qin Zhenhao said actually belittles Huaxia because he has been in a foreign country for a long time, and he has become a Muyang dog unconsciously, and subconsciously looks down on Huaxia along with foreigners.

And he said these words, the biggest purpose is to show off to everyone, just now the military fighter jets have escorted him, he is awesome!

It’s just that he didn’t know, the speaker was unintentional and the listener was intentional. What he said had already angered Yash Nics.

Tong Ke’s eyes were sharp, and she immediately noticed that her brother-in-law was angry.

She hurriedly stepped up to complete the field: “Haha, everyone is a soldier, everyone is a peacekeeper, but in the peacekeeping force, my brother-in-law is in the China Army, you are all heroes.”

“Don’t stand here, go. Walk around, go back and talk.”

Everyone agreed, and then got in the car, ready to find a place to sit down and finish the meal.

Yash Nics and Dian Chu are at the end.

Ning told Dian Chu whispered: “I always felt that this guy is wrong, does not look like a peacekeeping force of soldiers, Three Views bit is not correct, you give me a look where he came from.”

Dian Chu said: “! Yes”

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