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Yash Nics looked at the wounded on the floor, and ordered Dian Chu behind him: “Notify the people from the relevant departments to come over and send these guys back to the U.S. Embassy.”

Dian Chu went out and said in a deep voice. Said: “Yes!”

Seeing this scene, Fu Changzheng thought secretly in his heart: The governor is strong, and it seems that he will not succumb to the rice side this time.

If we can’t keep it, our companies can be saved.

At this point, Ning Fu Long, who has looked out words of comfort said: “Ladies and gentlemen, Luoge Lao square meters with the negotiations, and now the results of the negotiations have not yet come out.”

“We have to believe in the country, Shaoanwuzao, not from Chaos.”

Fu Changzheng and others said repeatedly: “Mr. Yash teaches.”

Yash Nics waved his hand: “Well, you all go back and wait for the news first. It is estimated that everything will come to fruition in the past few days.”

Fu Long March and others left one after another.

Yash Nics talked a few words with Song Pingting, and he also comforted Song Pingting not to worry, he would solve the problem, and Ningda would definitely be fine.

Song Pingting looked at her husband and nodded softly: “Well, I believe you.”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Well, I won’t eat at home today. I will tell my daughter. After a few days, after my father is busy,

Take her to play.” Song

Pingting opened her eyes wide: “Husband, you just came back, are you going to be busy again?” Yash Nics said, “Luo Ge is negotiating with Jessica, and Mi Fang dispatched an aircraft carrier battle group to gather. It has formed a powerful maritime power in many countries, and it has

rushed to our country to show off its strength.” “I have to support Lao Ge, lest Lao Luo lack the confidence.”

If Song Pingting understands, her face is full. Surprised, he whispered: “Husband, are you going to lead the navy and go to sea exercises to fight against the sea power of the rice side?”

Yash Nics laughed and said, “Yes!”

“But this time, China is not fighting alone. Our allies will also send a powerful naval fleet to conduct joint exercises with us.”

“You will watch the news at home these days to see how your husband retreats from the enemy and how to protect China. The companies will not be oppressed.”

Song Pingting nodded, humming.

Suddenly, she leaned up, her blushing lips lightly kissed Yash Nics’s cheek, and whispered in Yash Nics’s ear: “Husband, in any case, you must be safe and you must come back alive.”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Okay, I promise you.”

Soon, Yash Nics took Dianchu and came out of Ningda Company. He instructed Dianchu to drive and head straight to the Jiangnan Navy Headquarters.

Three hours later.

Yash Nics has appeared at the Jiangnan Navy Headquarters.

Tens of thousands of naval soldiers have already assembled at the Jiangnan Navy Headquarters.

The naval port, China’s latest Jiangnan aircraft carrier, countless frigates, destroyers and other latest ships, and even various nuclear submarines surfaced, and a large number of naval soldiers stood on the deck of the ship, waiting for the chief to review and set off.

Liu Zhenping, commander-in-chief of the Jiangnan Military Region.

Today is also wearing military uniforms, majestic, and a group of admirals behind him, the stars are shining.

“The governor is here!”

A loud report came from the soldier.

I saw a line of convoy appearing at the Jiangnan Navy Headquarters.

At the front of the convoy was a Hongqi sedan, followed by more than a dozen sedans and jeeps with military licenses.

The convoy stopped.

Lu Shaocong took the lead to get out of the car and trot all the way to open the door for Yash Nics.

Yash Nics, wearing a Suzaku jersey and a unicorn mask, got off the red flag car.

Dian Chu, the Eight Tigers, and a group of Tiger and Ben fighters also got out of the car one after another, and their guards were around Yash Nics.

Tens of thousands of naval officers at the scene stood up and saluted together.

“See the chief governor!”

Yash Nics looked around the audience, raised his hand and returned a military salute, wishing to greet the navy soldiers.

At this time, Liu Zhenping had already brought a group of subordinates to greet him quickly. He excitedly said: “Supervisor, good!”

Yash Nics shook hands with Liu Zhenping: “General Liu has worked hard.”

After finishing speaking, Yash Nics talked to the navy at the scene again. Senior generals, shake hands and greet one by one.

The admirals of the navy were all excited and flattered.

Yash Nics asked Liu Zhenping with a smile: “General Liu, the navy officers, are you ready?”

Liu Zhenping did not answer. Instead, he turned his head and looked at his group of men, the surrounding soldiers’ phalanx, and looking far away. The soldiers on the ships on the sea in the harbor said loudly: “The general governor asks you, are you ready?”

“Always prepare, use me in the first battle, and use me to win.”

Tens of thousands of soldiers shouted together. Road, the sound shook the sky, and the air covered the mountains and rivers.

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