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Song Pingting heard Fu Changzheng’s words, she couldn’t help but feel proud of her husband.

Immediately remembered that Yash Nics was leading the Jiangnan Fleet at this time, facing the enemy on the sea, her pretty face couldn’t help showing worry.

She only hoped that her husband could return quickly and safely.

That day!

Huang Gan, the Chinese leader, addressed the world, naming the Mi side not to challenge China’s determination to defend its homeland, and pointed out that the Mi side should not play with fire.

Raksha the Great Emperor Gaoman of the Raksha Kingdom also held a press conference for the first time in the Raksha Kingdom at almost the same time.

Goldman held the press conference for the same purpose as Huang Gan, accusing Western powers headed by the United States of not playing with fire and setting themselves on fire.

In addition, Goldman’s words were sharper and more intense. Goldman said bluntly: “The United States and your lackeys, don’t play with fire, do you know that you are trying to provoke a new world war!”

“There is no winner in the world war! ”

If there is, it won’t be you!”

The speeches delivered by Huang Qian and Gaoman at the same time appeared in national news all over the world.

Although China and Raksha did not talk about a military alliance, the two sides joined together in this large-scale maritime exercise, and the leaders of both sides made targeted speeches at the same time. It is obvious that Raksha and Raksha are very close and stand in the same camp.

Under pressure!

Mi Fang was finally forced to order Max to lead the evacuation of the aircraft carrier battle group!

Max, who received the order from his superior, was very angry!

He wanted to engage in China this time, but he didn’t get any benefits, and he wanted to return home in a desperate manner.

He is unwilling!

I think it was a gambler who had lost money in the gambling, but he was angry, and stole the ashtray from the table. He wanted to take advantage of it to comfort his mood.

So when he was ordered to lead the aircraft carrier battle group to retreat, he called Jessica who was in China.

Jessica received a call from Max and quickly respectfully said: “Dear General Max, what do you have to say?”

Max said: “You have already asked you to take the group back to China, right?”

Jessica Said: “Yes, the above said that due to the situation, we have to make concessions. The agreement has been signed with China, and I am also going to bring the team back to China.”

Max said: “Before you return to China, complete a task first. ”

Jessica was astonished: “What mission?”

Max was smoking a cigar, holding a phone in one hand, and a new document in the other, and said faintly: “The governor of China visited Raksha in secret two days ago, and He showed his face in front of a group of senior officials of the Raksha Kingdom.”

“Our intelligence personnel lurking inside the Raksha Kingdom also saw the true face of this mysterious Chinese governor.”

“It turned out to be the mysterious Chinese governor. It turned out to be the former Northern God of War, Yash Nics.”

Jessica exclaimed, “What?”

“Yash Nics is the governor of China!”

Max said, “Yes, I already knew Yash Nics was us. The enemy’s number one enemy.”

“But I think this guy is not reused now, and has been idle at home, regardless of any affairs in the army.”

“Unexpectedly, this guy appears to be idle at home, but in fact, he secretly held the position of the governor of China. , Command the entire Chinese army.”

Jessica finally recovered from the shock and slowly said: “No wonder Ningda Company is so tough and not afraid of being sanctioned by us. No wonder Song Pingting faces my subordinate Ding Qian. At that time, she was so strong,

she dared to insult Ding Qian.” “It turns out that her husband Yash Nics is the chief governor of China!”

Max said: “Yash Nics is the highest military commander of China, and all military regions are under his jurisdiction. He has surpassed the leader of China and has become a confidant of our US.”

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