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Jessica said angrily: “You don’t have any evidence to prove that we are related to the kidnapping case. Why do you restrict us from taking off? Why restrict our personal freedom.”

“Furthermore, I With diplomatic immunity, even if I commit a crime, your law cannot be effective against me!”

Her voice just fell.

There was a cold and powerful voice not far away.

“If you are just an ordinary crime, then your diplomatic immunity can protect you.”

“But you shouldn’t touch my wife and children!”

Jessica was shocked when she heard this.

She and everyone on the scene looked in the direction where the sound came from.

Then I saw Yash Nics, wearing a Suzaku jersey with cold eyes, walking with Dianchu and Bahuwei and other entourages.

When Ruan Hong and others saw Yash Nics appear, they immediately stood up and saluted.

“Hello, sir!”

Jessica looked at Yash Nics with weird eyes, although she had already learned that Yash Nics was the governor of China when she was talking to Max.

But at this time, she was still shocked when she saw Yash Nics, who was wearing a uniform representing China’s governor-general, appeared.

At the same time, there was a little panic.

She forced her composure and pretended to be surprised: “Yash Nics?”

Yash Nics said coldly: “Jessica, you should never do anything against my family.”

Jessica insisted. Scalp: “Yash Nics, I don’t know what you said?”

Yash Nics said indifferently: “You will know soon.”

Then, Ning ordered: “Come, all of these people control them, they confiscated all communications equipment for their various communications equipment, conduct a thorough investigation to fight for all of their data are transferred out.”

“Yes, sir !”

Dianchu and Bahuwei, commanding the soldiers at the scene, stepped forward to arrest Jessica and her party.

Aaron’s face changed drastically next to Jessica. He suddenly turned on the laptop, as if he wanted to press a certain quick delete key and wanted to delete some sensitive information.

However, Aaron just turned on the laptop.

Dian Chu had already drew his gun, and raised his hand for a shot.


With a shot, Aaron’s eyebrows have a blood hole, and he collapses.

The laptop in his hand also began to fall.

But the laptop hasn’t fallen to the ground. Dian Chu has appeared ghostly, stretched out his foot to catch the computer, kicked it slightly, and the computer flew up.

Dian Chu caught the computer casually, holding the gun in one hand and the computer in the other, coldly stunned Jessica and the others: “Don’t move around, and cooperate with the investigation obediently. If you resist, you will be regarded as a guilty conscience directly. Terrorists, killed on the spot.” All of

Jessica’s men were pale. They had a lot of confidential information in their mobile phones and laptops, but after witnessing Aaron’s end, they didn’t dare to act rashly, no. Dare to try to destroy the data.

Jessica was shaking with anger, and she kept holding a mobile phone in her hand.

Her mobile phone has long been set to send messages with one click.

She has even made an appointment with Ding Qian and Hong Tianci. If there is an emergency, she will send a message with one click. When Ding Qian and Hong Tianci receive the message, they will immediately tear up the ticket and kill Song Pingting and Song Qingqing.

At this moment, she looked at Yash Nics coldly, her eyes viciously said: “Yash Nics, if you didn’t follow the rules, you will regret it for the rest of your life.”

After speaking, she quietly pressed a button on the phone.

With sharp eyes, Ruan Hong saw Jessica’s small movements, rushed up like lightning, and grabbed the phone with his hand.

Jessica had already smiled triumphantly, like the most vicious shrew, grinning and said: “Hehe, it’s too late, I have issued an order to let my subordinates kill Song Pingting and Song Qingqing.”

“Yash Nics, you started to be here. Spend the rest of your life in regret and pain, hahaha…”

Jessica knew that her team was controlled and many confidential information on the communication equipment would be leaked, including her being ordered to kidnap Song Pingting and Song Qingqing.

Now that the deeds are about to be revealed, I am not afraid to admit it generously now.

Besides, she felt that even if she killed Song Pingting and Song Qingqing, China might not dare to move her.

She is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States!

No one in the world can give the United States a three-pointer. Could China dare to risk a war with the United States for a woman and a child, and sanction her, the minister of foreign affairs of the United States?

When Jessica laughed triumphantly.

Yash Nics looked at her with a clown look, and said faintly: “I’m sorry, when I came, I ordered my subordinates to block the signals of the entire airport.”

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