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Jessica was taken aback when she heard this.

It turned out that when Yash Nics prevented the arrest of Jessica, Jessica would contact the United States urgently and even ordered the kidnappers to tear up the ticket. Therefore, when he came, he ordered the airport to block all signals.

Without the signal, Jessica’s mobile phone naturally couldn’t send the ticket tearing message.

Jessica’s smile froze, she gritted her teeth and said: “Fake, what you said is false, my message must have been sent out, you just wait for the news of your wife and daughter’s death…”

Her words have not yet been heard. Finished.

Ruan Hong has raised his hand and showed Jessica the screen picture of the phone.

The mobile phone displayed: Failed to send the text message…

Jessica was completely dumbfounded.

Ruan Hong raised his hand and slapped Jessica’s face fiercely.


A loud noise!

Ruan Hong’s sharp slap directly caused Jessica’s left cheek to be swollen, bleeding from the corner of her mouth, and the exquisite haircut on her head that was originally meticulously slapped into a chicken coop.

Ruan Hong said coldly: “This slap is for you a bit of appetizer for this poisonous woman.”

“Looking back to our country’s security, when we have a good time to greet you.”

“At that time, I promise you will not laugh and cry. If you don’t come out, even death is an extravagant hope. You will regret coming to this world.”

Jessica looked at Ruan Hong with cold eyes, and a chill rose slightly from the back of her back and spread throughout her body.

With cold hands and feet, she finally started to rush to fear.

Suddenly, she wanted to bite her tongue to commit suicide.

But Yash Nics had been prepared for a long time, and shot at lightning speed, pinching Jessica’s chin.

Yash Nics exerted a slight force on her hand.

With a click, Jessica’s chin was directly dislocated, and Jessica’s heart to commit suicide by biting her tongue was also broken.

Yash Nics said coldly: “You’d better expect my wife and daughter to be okay, otherwise, you just wait for the hellish torture.”

After speaking, Yash Nics waved his hand, and immediately a few soldiers came up, and Jessica also Grabbed it.

Yash Nics told Ruan Hong: “Let your people quickly decipher their communication equipment, call up all the communication materials, and find out the location of my wife and children as quickly as possible.”

Ruan Hong said: “Yes!”

Less than 20 minutes. People from Guoan found clues from the mobile phones and other communication devices of Jessica and others.

Ruan Hong immediately came over to report to Yash Nics: “General Governor, there is news.”

Yash Nics, who was sitting on the airport bench smoking, suddenly raised his head when he heard the words, and hurriedly said, “Say!”

Ruan Hong said , “We just found out. Ding Qian and the US Hornet attack team, holding the young lady and the young lady, took a US freighter, which had just left the port of Jiangnan Province.”

“Let’s chase now, it should be too late.”

Yash Nics immediately ordered: ” Dianchu, arrange the plane immediately.”

Dianchu said: “Yes!”

Dianchu turned around and trot to arrange.

But just as he ran a few steps away, Yash Nics stopped him.

Yash Nics said: “Wait, you call Liu Zhenping and Krov, who have just ended the exercise, tell them to temporarily add an exercise, intercept a terrorist ship, and tell them that there is my wife and children on board, and they can’t leave anything. Mistake.”

Dian Chu said: “Yes!”


Yash Nics and Dianchu took the plane and rushed into the sky again with a roar.

At the same time, Krov and Liu Zhenping, who were preparing to go back home just after the exercise, also received notice from Yash Nics.

Croft and Liu Zhenping did not hesitate, and immediately ordered their respective fleets to enter a state of readiness again to intercept terrorist ships together.

The Pacific Fleet is one of the four major fleets of Raksha.

The Jiangnan Fleet is one of China’s two major fleets.

The combined strength of the two fleets is more than enough to destroy a medium-sized country.

Encircling a terrorist ship is like a cannon and mosquitoes.

Ding Qian, Hong Tianci and others are holding Song Pingting and Song Qingqing in a freighter and heading to the United States.

They don’t even know what kind of horrible existence is waiting for them on the way!

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