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The members of the Bumblebee special attack team on the scene turned pale, and sweat was constantly rolling off their foreheads.

As the captain of the Hornet special attack team, Hong Tianci had experienced many battles on weekdays, but in the face of these battles, his face was pale, and the hand holding the desert eagle trembled slightly.

As for Ding Qian and Ding Qian’s men, it was even more unhelpful.

Ding Qian looked at the “Steel Great Wall” that appeared on the sea level outside the window. After she was shocked, her feet began to tremble uncontrollably, and her body was shaking like chaff.

Some of her subordinates were scared to incontinence on the spot, and the yellow urine flowed down the pants to the ground without any notice.

Looking at the horrified appearance of Hong Tianci and Ding Qian and others, Yash Nics said coldly: “Outside is the China Jiangnan Fleet, and the Raksha Kingdom Pacific Fleet, two aircraft carrier battle groups. You said this armed force can make you How many times have you died?”

Hong Tianci and Ding Qian were shocked when they heard the words.

Ding Qian is a woman in the end, and she becomes overwhelmed when things happen, she only knows that she is standing in place with a pale face.

But after all, Hong Tianci was a person who had seen strong winds and waves, and had excellent psychological quality, and he quickly recovered from the horror.

He reached out and grabbed Song Pingting, who was holding his daughter, and put the pistol on the back of Song Pingting’s head, with a grim expression: “Yash Nics, I never expected that you could mobilize the two fleets to deal with us. . ” ”

but you made a mistake, as the head of the China you should not be here. ” ”

I command you to kneel down immediately bondage. ” ”

otherwise, I shot your wife off the hook Head.”

Ding Qian, who was originally frightened and silly, couldn’t help getting excited when he heard what Hong Tianci said. Hostages.”

“Even if thousands of

troops surround us, we can leave calmly.” The Hornet special soldiers at the scene all raised their submachine guns and aimed at Yash Nics, but no one dared to shoot rashly.

Not only is Yash Nics’s sensitive identity, they are a little bit cautious.

Moreover, because there are two aircraft carrier battle groups outside, they want to leave safely, and their only hope is to capture Yash Nics alive. Only when Yash Nics becomes a hostage in their hands can they have a chance to evacuate safely.

Yash Nics looked at Hong Tianci, who was holding his wife and daughter with a gun, and said coldly: “No one dared to point a gun at my family. Everyone who pointed a gun at my wife in the past is dead.”

Seeing that Yash Nics was unwilling to capture him, Hong Tianci said. But he didn’t dare to shoot Yash Nics rashly, and in a rage, he shouted loudly: “I told you to kneel and catch, do you hear?”

“I only count three. If you don’t kneel and catch, then I Just make a hole in your wife’s head, and then blow your daughter’s head.”



Hong Tianci counted with grimace.

However, when he just lost to 2, Yash Nics had already spoken first: “Three!”

After Yash Nics’s voice fell!

There was a sudden bang outside the window.

The bullet smashed the glass and swept towards Hong Tianci.

Before Hong Tianci could react, he was hit by a bullet in the center of his eyebrows and fell to the ground, killing him on the spot.

This sudden change.

Surprised the surrounding Bumblebee special soldiers.

They were about to react, but the surrounding glass windows shattered at the same time, and Dian Chu and Yahoowei broke through the windows at the same time.

Bang, bang, bang…

gunshots broke out, and the battle was in chaos.

Yash Nics walked quickly to Song Pingting and Song Qingqing amidst the gunshots, and said softly: “Don’t be afraid, I’m coming.”



Song Pingting and Song Qingqing were both shivering. Trembling.

Yash Nics took his daughter in one hand, and his wife in the other, and walked out in the rain of bullets.

The members of the Hornet Commando are all elite soldiers in the US Army.

Their fighting strength is very strong, and ordinary troops are not their opponents.

Unfortunately, the opponents they met today were Dianchu and Bahuwei.

The Eight Tiger Guards were selected from the three hundred thousand northern fighters, the king of soldiers, one of ten thousand.

Each of them is a decathlon king.

As for Dian Chu, not to mention, the king of soldiers is the king of gun kings.

Under his leadership, the eight tiger guards broke through the window and took the lead. The Hornet attack team was unable to resist and fell in a pool of blood one after another.

Yash Nics held his daughter and his wife by the hand, before he walked out of the door.

The gun battle at the scene is over.

The Hornet attack team was all killed, and several of Ding Qian’s men also lost their lives.

Only Ding Qian was left in the US camp, standing alone in a pool of blood, shivering.

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