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Yash Nics took Sophia back home.

He introduced Sophia to his family. Song Pingting and others heard that Sophia turned out to be the little princess of the Raksha Kingdom. This time she came to China to study in China, and all of them stared wide-eyed.

Sophia also looked at Song Pingting with interest at this time.

Song Pingting is tall, delicate and elegant.

Although Sophia is a Western woman who likes to judge a woman’s beauty based on their aesthetics, there is no doubt that Song Pingting, an oriental beauty, is also a superb beauty in Sophia’s eyes.

Sophia looked at Yash Nics and Song Pingting, and couldn’t help but think of a Chinese sentence she had learned: A pair made in heaven!

She politely said: “Hello, Mrs. Yash, and everyone, come here, don’t you bother you?”

Song Pingting smiled: “No, no, Princess Sophia came to our house as a guest. It’s really ours. It’s a great honor. It’s too late for us to welcome.”

Song Zhongbin also said hastily: “Our family is eating, Princess Sophia, if you don’t mind, let’s go together!”

Sophia cleverly said, “It just so happens that I’m hungry too, then. I’m not welcome.”

Song Pingting quickly said that she was welcome and asked her mother to add two more sets of tableware to Sophia and Maya.

Yash Nics also sat down and had dinner with everyone.

Ning smile of Painting and other humanitarian Song: “Sophia trip to China to study, in order to really experience life abroad, in order not to be disturbed, she is concealing his identity Luosha Guo princess.”

“So we do not later Call her a princess!”

Sophia smiled and said, “Yes, you will call me Sophia from now on.”

Song Pingting and others nodded.

Yash Nics said again: “In addition, I have a very close relationship with Mr. Goldman. Mr. Goldman also called me just now to ask me to take care of Sophia.”

“So Sophia will live in our house on the weekends. Do you have any comments?”

Song Painting laughed: “we are plenty of empty rooms, Miss Sophia weekend stay with us just a lively spot.”

“another Miss Sophia to live in harmony with us, we can learn from her daughter Mating language too!”

the crowd heard The words laughed.

Sophia also felt very warm, she felt the enthusiasm of Yash Nics’s family for her.

However, she was also sensitive to the perception that someone looked at her differently, and seemed a bit hostile to her coming.

That person is Mr. Yash’s sister-in-law, Tong Ke.

At this moment Sophia felt Tong Ke’s hostile gaze again, she suddenly raised her head, looked towards Tong Ke, and looked at Tong Ke.

But Tong Ke chose to turn his face away casually.

Sophia was a little surprised. This was the first time she met Tong Ke. According to reason, there was no possibility of offending Tong Ke. Why did Tong Ke look at her with a little bit of hostility?

Sophia noticed.

Soon, she found the clue.

When eating, Tong Ke occasionally glanced at Yash Nics. Although it seemed to be an inadvertent glance, if you observe carefully, you can feel that Tong Ke’s eyes on Yash Nics are full of the girl’s love for heroes.

The corners of Sophia’s mouth rose slightly, and she understood.

It turns out that Mr. Yash’s sister-in-law is in a crush on Mr. Yash.

Women’s sixth sense is very sensitive.

Sophia realizes that Tong Ke has a crush on Yash Nics.

But Tong Ke, why didn’t she see what was wrong with Sophia.

From the time Sophia entered the door, Tong Ke noticed that Sophia’s eyes looked different at Yash Nics, and there was a little special brilliance in her eyes.

Tong Ke immediately noticed that Sophia must have a good impression of her brother-in-law.

Tong Ke cursed secretly from the bottom of his heart: What princess, I think it’s just a little hooves. Probably the brother-in-law visited Raksha country some time ago and fascinated her. Now, in the name of studying abroad, they are all chasing to Huaxia, which is really damning!

Yash Nics, Song Pingting and the others happily ate, but they didn’t think that the two girls, Sophia and Tong Ke, would secretly become hostile.

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