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The next day!

Yash Nics went out with Tong Ke and Sophia to play in Taolin Waterfall in the suburbs.

Dian Chu was in charge of being the driver, and a group of four people started talking and laughing.

Two hours later, Yash Nics and the others had arrived at Taolin Waterfall.

This large area of ​​peach trees is planted here, the scenery is beautiful, and a huge waterfall appears in front of the forest like a milky way.

The water pool under the waterfall is clear. There is a beach on the edge of the lake. The fine sand is very clean. It must be very comfortable and comfortable to step on it with bare feet.

Yash Nics and others parked the car, and when they got out of the car, they found that there were many tourists here.

Most of them are couples who come here on weekends.

Some are local residents. They do some small business here, selling water or selling swimsuits and other things. These people are also responsible for cleaning the sights on weekdays.

It’s beautiful !” Sophia was amazed by the beautiful waterfall scenery in front of her.

She picked up her camera and ran over to take pictures.

Tong Ke also widened his eyes and said, “Tsk, I have been in Mannity for two or three years, and today I learned that Mannity still has such a beautiful scenery.”

Yash Nics laughed and said, “It’s not just you, but it’s the first time for me. Come here.”

Yash Nics accompanied Sophia to take pictures everywhere.

Sophia took a lot of photos, many of which were landscape photos, and also took selfies with Yash Nics and others.

After watching the perfect scene, Sophia saw that many people were swimming in the clear lake, and she was also interested, and she insisted on dragging Yash Nics and the others to go swimming.

Although Dian Chu is five big and three rough, but this guy’s swimming level is not very good, plus he doesn’t like swimming under everyone’s eyes in swimming trunks, he always feels weird, so he said that he didn’t want to swim, so he would smoke in the car .

In the end, Yash Nics bought swimwear and swimming trunks from a vendor, and then changed their clothes in the locker room.

Tong Ke also likes to play in the water. She was the first to change into a swimsuit.

She has a slender figure. When she wears clothes on weekdays, she feels that her body is a little thin, but after changing into a swimsuit, her slender figure that does not show off in normal days is revealed.

Many men on the beach by the lake cast amazing eyes.

Immediately afterwards, Sophia changed into a swimsuit and came out.

Although Sophia is many years younger than Tong Ke, Westerners mature earlier. The 19-year-old Sophia is taller than Tong Ke, and is more irritating than Tong Ke.

The men on the beach, seeing the exotic beauty of Sophia, their eyes straightened a bit.

Tong Ke is naturally good in figure, but in front of Sophia, she is still a bit dwarfed. She couldn’t help but feel a little bitter, and looked at Sophia with a cold snort.

Sophia took a triumphant look at Tong Ke, and saw that Tong Ke was not as tall as her, and her smile was thicker, and she tweeted twice, as if she was disgusting that Tong Ke was small.

Upon seeing this, Tong Ke’s pretty face was instantly full of anger.

She had been driving Sophia early, and she was about to get angry.

But at this moment, Yash Nics had changed his swimming trunks and walked out of the men’s locker room.

Sophia and Tong Ke were shocked the moment they saw Yash Nics.

Yash Nics is tall and slender, with sharp muscles. Although not as explosive as the muscles of a bodybuilder, it is more in line with women’s aesthetics.

Yash Nics’s figure still has a lot of criss-crossing scars, which did not affect Yash Nics’s charm at all. On the contrary, Yash Nics, who is usually restrained and elegant, has a wild taste.

Tong Ke blushed.

Sophia is a Westerner, and she behaves more boldly than Tong Ke.

Sophia praised: “Mr. Yash, your body is really good, probably the so-called golden ratio figure for men, but that’s not it!”

Yash Nics laughed and said: “The soldiers are all the same body, not as good as you said. ”

Let’s go, let’s go swimming!”

Yash Nics and the others went into the water to swim. In order to take care of Tong Ke, who is not good at swimming, Yash Nics also rented a bamboo raft.

At the beginning!

Tong Ke curled up on the bamboo raft, not daring to go into the water.

Sophia is very water-based. After she got into the water, she saw Tong Ke hiding on the bamboo raft and did not dare to get down.

She rolled her eyes twice!

Suddenly he patted the surface of the water with his hand, swept out a drop of water, sprinkled it on Tong Ke, and then giggled.

Tong Ke was splashed with water. Seeing Sophia’s proud look, she wiped the water off her face and deliberately said: “Oh, Sophia, why are you making waves!”

Sophia was taken aback when she heard the words, and immediately blushed.

She bit her lip and splashed water at Tong Ke again, and said, “Let you say me!”

Tong Ke was not to be outdone, and started to splash water at Sophia. The two actually started a water battle.

In the splashing water, Sophia’s teasing was heard: “Hehe, Tong Ke, why are you making waves.”

Yash Nics looked at the two girls who were fighting a water battle, a little bit dumbfounded.

As everyone knows, on the shore, someone is staring at him with bad eyes…

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