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The messenger of the Moon Star Kingdom asked for a meeting, the situation is urgent.

In addition, it is known in advance that the factory built by Ning University in Yuexing State Investment Corporation will encounter a terrorist attack.

Yash Nics set off immediately, took Dianchu to take a special plane, and returned to the capital of the capital.

A few hours later, Yash Nics had appeared in the Dudu’s Mansion.

Lu Shaocong came out to greet him with a pair of guards.

“Participate in the chief governor!”

“No gift!”

Yash Nics waved his hand, walking inside, and asked: “Where is the envoy of the Moon Star Kingdom, why should I rush to see me?”

Lu Shaocong smiled bitterly: “Wait for a long time in the reception room. ”

The messenger of the Moon Star Kingdom is eager to see you, because the Shura Kingdom is going to beat them again recently.”

As we all know, there are two major enemies in the Shura Kingdom .

One is the Huaxia Kingdom where the people of Shura have a complex of dragon and elephant controversy.

The other is the Moon Star Country, which has been facing each other all the year round.

For a long time, the Kingdom of Shura has delusioned to win against China, and that their descendants of the elephant can defeat the descendants of the Chinese dragon.

But all along, it was Huaxia who pressed Shura on the ground and rubbed it.

Yash Nics alone had already killed several Asura God of War.

Moreover, Yash Nics also led the Northern Territory Army, defeating hundreds of thousands of mountain troops in the State of Shura, crying and crying.


The Shura nation didn’t dare to take the initiative to ask Huaxia for trouble.

But these Asans of the Shura Kingdom were not idle.

They didn’t dare to trouble Huaxia, so they started hitting their troops and attacking the Moon Star Nation.

In the past, Huaxia confronted the State of Shura and shared most of the pressure of the State of Shura. Therefore, the pressure on the Moon Star State was not great.

Recently, because the Kingdom of Shura did not dare to provoke China, he concentrated on dealing with the Moon Star Kingdom.

The moon star country is miserable.

This time it is estimated that he can’t stand it. This loyal little brother of China has nothing to do. He can only send an emissary and rush to China to cry for help.

Yash Nics took Dianchu and Lu Shaocong and other subordinates through the martial arts arena, and walked towards the reception room. As he walked, he said, “Asura San, after being taught by us, he didn’t dare to play sideways with us, but he ran to bully. Our little brother Yuexing Country, we can’t just sit idly by.”


Every time the Moon Star Nation was bullied by the Asura Nation, Hua Xia would help out.

There are many reasons, not only because Yuexing Kingdom is the younger brother of Huaxia Kingdom, but also because Huaxia needs Yuexing Kingdom, the younger brother, to help contain Shura Kingdom.

Even in order to help the poor Yuexing Nation, Huaxia not only provided Yuexing Nation with technology and manufacturing equipment such as warplanes and tanks, but also encouraged many Chinese companies to invest and build factories in Yuexing Nation to create more employment opportunities for Yuexing Nation.

The most recently invested project is China Ningda Group, which built a pharmaceutical base worth 300 billion yuan in Yuexing State Investment.

Yash Nics just walked into the reception hall.

Usi, the envoy of the Moon Star Kingdom, greeted him with fluent Chinese, and said excitedly: “Your Excellency the Great Governor, I can count as seeing you.”

Lu Shaocong smiled beside Yash Nics and introduced: “Great The Governor, this is the messenger of the Moon Star Nation, Us.”

Yash Nics nodded slightly, smiled and stretched out his hand to shake hands with Us.

Then both sides sat down.

When the guards served the fragrant tea, Yash Nics took a sip of tea, and then smiled and said, “I heard that Mr. Us was very anxious to see me. I don’t know what’s the matter?”

Ust long face and said:. “Viceroy Lord, The United States sent Max to visit our country on Star, asked us to join them on Star State’s anti-China alliance,”

“Meanwhile, Luosha Guo Bing at our borders three hundred thousand around the corner, today We also shelled our border posts, causing a lot of military and civilian casualties.”

“Our lord Assef can’t stand it anymore!”

“He sent me to see the Lord of China and the governor, and hope that China can help us out of the siege.”

Yash Nics said: “Have you seen our country lord?”

Uss said quickly: “Yes, the respected China lord said, let me ask you to discuss this matter with you.”

Lu Shaocong whispered in Yash Nics’s ear. Said: “The Lord of the Kingdom has already passed on the story, and it is up to the generals to supervise the matter of the Moon Star Nation.”

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