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that night!

The cancer research and development team of Ningda Company settled in the mansion of the government and worked with the doctors to jointly formulate the treatment plan for the government.

Of course, the matter of the Lord’s illness has not been disclosed to the public so far, and it is still classified.

It’s just that it has quietly spread from the inside.

Kidney cancer is not a minor disease. Even if Huang Qian can survive the catastrophe this time, it is probably choking. Moreover, the long recovery period makes Huang Qian lack the energy to devote himself to work.

Therefore, everyone does not say it on the surface, but in their hearts it is clear that someone needs to take Huanggan’s seat.

For a time!

Many people’s minds are beginning to become active.

Many people want to take this opportunity to aspire to the pinnacle.

Although more people are not qualified to aspire to the top, they can speculate. Choose a popular candidate who has the opportunity to compete for the next leader to invest.

If the leaders that they follow can become the heads of the country, then they will be the ministers of the dragon in the future, so why not be prosperous and wealthy?

Suddenly, the various forces in the DPRK and China, undercurrents surging.

Of course, in everyone’s minds, there are still two most popular candidates for the next lord.

One is Luo Zhiquan, the current chief minister of the cabinet.

The other is the highest commander of the current military department, general governor Yash Nics.

Therefore, people who came to visit Yash Nics and Luo Zhiquan during this period can be said to be in an endless stream.

Compared with Luo Zhiquan, who is busy receiving visits from people from all walks of life every day, Yash Nics appears to be very low-key, even showing offensive emotions.

this day!

The commander-in-chief of the Northern Army, Greed Wolf, and the deputy commander-in-chief of Pojun and Qisha, entered Beijing at the same time and came to the military headquarters to report to Yash Nics.

Greed of wolves, breaking the army, and seven kills are the powerful generals that Yash Nics got up with himself.

Especially the greedy wolf, now it can be alone.

Yash Nics’s most loyal subordinate is also one of Yash Nics’s most satisfying subordinates!

Yash Nics heard that a few greedy wolves had come, and immediately smiled: “The three brothers are here, let them come to the study to see me.”

Dian Chu said: “Yes!”


Three warriors wearing military uniforms and shining stars appeared in Yash Nics’s study.

“See the governor of the capital!”

Greed the wolf, broke the army, and the seven kills all saluted.

The three of them were full of excitement, and their eyes looking at Yash Nics were also extremely excited.

Yash Nics is their mentor, their chief, their belief in their hearts, and their god.

Every time they saw Yash Nics, they felt like a pilgrimage.

Ning smile: “The three of you have come, sit, sit down and talk, his brother, in private without much ceremony.”

“Yes, sir”!

Wolf with broken arms, seven killed, take off the cap, in Sit down on the sofa next to them, but they only dared to sit half of their ass, and their backs were straight.

In front of Yash Nics, the three of them didn’t dare to make a mistake.

Ning let the guards brought tea, and then let us drink tea, he also reach for a sip of tea, this smile and said:. “The three of you how have come, do not report to me in advance,”

Wolf Said: “This time I came to Beijing to report to you as a rule.”

“The previous reports were done in a video conference. This time I learned that the Governor had returned to the capital, so we came.”

Then, A few greedy wolves reported that the Northern Territory Army held large-scale military exercises during this period to frighten Shura.

After listening to Yash Nics, he praised: “Your Northern Territory performed well this time, and the military department will commend you when you come back.” The

Greedy Wolf were very happy when they heard the words.

Greedy Wolf immediately asked cautiously: “General Governor, we have received some news.”

Yash Nics said, “What news?”

Greedy Wolf accompanied him and said cautiously, “I heard that the lord is sick.”

Yash Nics frowned, “Who Said it?”

Greedy wolf smiled bitterly: “It’s spread like this outside now.”

Yash Nics frowned: “No matter how it spreads outside, you just need to do your job well, don’t

worry about anything else.” Greedy wolf said: ” Yes!”

Greedy wolf hesitated and couldn’t help but said: “Sir, it is said that the lord of the country is seriously ill and needs to choose a person to take over the job of the lord.”

Yash Nics glanced at Greedy wolf: “What else have you heard about?”

Yash Nics’s voice was calm, and he could not hear the joy, anger, sorrow, or sorrow.

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