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Yash Nics just ordered Dianchu and Lu Shaocong, and Song Pingting came in.

When Yash Nics saw Song Pingting, there was a smile on his face. He smiled and said, “Why are you here?”

Song Pingting said sweetly,

“I am ready to have lunch!” Coming from a long distance, leaving aside your relationship between superiors and superiors, you are considered brothers and friends. Why should we entertain others for a meal before going back?”

Yash Nics blamed a few greedy wolves just now, and now she regrets it a little bit.

After all, the greedy wolves are all for his good, although it is useless, but there is no malice.

After listening to Song Pingting’s words, Yash Nics just got down to the ass down the slope, and then agreed: “What you said is also what you said, then you arrange it, and we will have a meal with a few greedy wolves later.”

Song Pingting laughed. : “I have arranged it.” It

didn’t take long before the kitchen was ready for meals.

Yash Nics and Song Pingting brought Dianchu, Lu Shaocong, and Qin Que to the canteen.

In the private room dedicated to Yash Nics, a table of hearty meals and a few bottles of special drinks have been prepared.

Greedy wolves, broken the army, and seven kills, just like a kid who has done something wrong sitting at the table, waiting nervously.

When they saw Yash Nics coming in, they quickly stood up to salute.

Yash Nics waved his hand: “My brother, you don’t need to be polite in private, just sit down. We haven’t had a meal for a long time. This time we have two drinks.” The

greedy wolves saw that Yash Nics was not angry anymore, and the three of them were finally relieved. Now, they all smiled and said okay.

This lunch lasted for an hour.

A few bottles of special offerings have also been drunk.

It’s just that Yash Nics and Greed Wolf have a large amount of them, and a few bottles of wine are simply not addictive.

However, this is the Metropolitan Government House, and it’s still working hours, so it’s naturally inappropriate to drink and drink.

So, Yash Nics said: “It’s working hours now, and drinking at the Dudu’s Mansion is not good. Or you can stay in the capital for one night, and tonight, let’s go out and find a drink tonight.

Greedy wolves Gladly agreed. In the


Yash Nics changed into ordinary clothes, and Song Pingting put on a bohemian dress. The

two came to the famous bar street in Beijing with the greedy wolf and others.

Randomly chose one to watch. I ordered a stand in the lobby of a seemingly good bar. I ordered

white wine and wine and sat down for a drink.

After three rounds of wine,

Yash Nics suddenly said to Greed Wolf: “What I said to you in the study today is a bit too harsh. Yes, don’t bother you, but remember what I said, we soldiers only protect our home and our country, and don’t get involved with other things. A

few greedy wolves said again and again: “Yes, we understand. ”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “That’s good, come on, let’s toast.” ”

Everyone picked up their wine glasses and was about to toast again.

Suddenly, there was a cry of ghosts and wolves in their ears: “The first snow of that year came later than before…”

Yash Nics and others couldn’t help but look sideways. I saw guests singing with microphones on the stage of the bar.

This guy was bloated, with a big back, his face was red, and he was holding a young girl when he sang.

With his broken gong-like voice, it looks like It was like a drunk Zhu Bajie roaring with his arms around Chang’e. The

unpleasant singing made Greedy Wolf frown and cursed in a low voice: “This voice is also embarrassing to go on stage and roar, don’t you feel embarrassed? ”


Not only did the fat man on the stage not feel embarrassed, he was even smug.

Around the stage, there are a large group of people standing, constantly cheering and applauding him, making him even more airy, as if he is a big star.

The fat man took the microphone and asked triumphantly: “How am I singing?” The

subordinates complimented: “Good sing!”

Some of the wine princesses also giggled: “Good sing!” “The

fat man was very satisfied, and shouted: “Sing well, just give me applause.”

Immediately, his men applauded, and some of the princesses who accompany the wine also applauded.

The fat man grinned and said: “Anyone who applauds is rewarded.”

After finishing speaking, he took out a handful of banknotes, walked over, and stuffed it directly into the collar of an applauding lady.

The accompaniment lady smiled again and again.

The fat man ordered his subordinates: “Give me a reward, and those who applaud will give me a reward.” The

subordinate said: “Yes!” When

the customers around the deck or scattered tables saw it, they all clapped. Some people wanted to get the reward. Some people see that the fat man is not a good stubborn, and are afraid of not applauding to offend the fat man, so they applaud.

Seeing everyone applauding, the fat man opened his throat again, and continued to roar: “You are like a butterfly flying around, swaying in the snowy season…” The

fat man sang and looked around the audience triumphantly.

Suddenly he noticed that Yash Nics was the only one in the audience who did not applaud.

Even Yash Nics and others seemed to be very dissatisfied with his singing, and could not hide their contempt.

He was instantly unhappy.

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