The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 423

Lu Xiaoyue cried out silently: “Master, why are you down?”

Su Meiniang didn’t have time to pay attention to Lu Xiaoyue, but went straight to Yash Nics and gave a salute.

She said in a very respectful tone: “It is indeed Mr. Yash. The little girl has been admiring Mr. Yash for a long time. I did not expect to see Mr. Yash with my own eyes today. It is really lucky.”

Everyone on the scene was shocked again, even Mannity City Zun Su Meiniang, who took a high look, actually respected Yash Nics so much?

Yash Nics said coldly, ”

Really , but the people here don’t seem to welcome me very much.” After these words, Lu Xiaoyue’s face instantly paled.

Su Meiniang was shocked and angry, questioning the left and right, what’s going on?

When she learned the whole story, her pretty face was full of sullen anger, and she looked at Lu Xiaoyue coldly: “I never said that you can’t take a good seat to drink cheap tea. You, as one of my apprentices, But so bullied my guests.”

“I will make my own tea to apologize to Mr. Yash, you can climb out of here now.”

“In addition, from now on , you are no longer my apprentice, so be it yourself!”

Lu Xiaoyue She knelt down with a plop, and cried out sadly: “Teacher!”

Su Meiniang said coldly: “I have told you countless times that if you want to learn tea, you should learn how to be a human being. If you have poor conduct, go home and reflect on it!”

Lu Xiao Yue knelt on the ground, crying, very sad and regretful.

It’s a pity that there is no regret taking medicine in the world!

Su Meiniang waved her hand, and two of her men immediately dragged Lu Xiaoyue away forcibly.

Su Meiniang turned around and respectfully apologized to Yash Nics, and then apologized: “Mr. Yash, Miss Song, I am very sorry for what happened just now, and I will personally make tea for you to make amends.”

Yash Nics said flatly: “Good to say!”

There was another uproar at the scene, Su Meiniang actually made tea for Yash Nics herself.

Lei Tianzhao and Song Feifei also looked responsibly at Yash Nics and Song Pingting, especially Song Feifei, unable to hide their jealousy.

Su Meiniang ordered her men to fetch precious tea and top tea sets.

She used a small red clay stove to burn charcoal to make a fire, and boiled water herself to make tea for Yash Nics.

Su Meiniang knew Yash Nics’s identity, she didn’t dare to neglect, she showed great skill.

Her tea-making movements are smooth and natural, and her movements are pleasing to the eye, and she does have a masterful demeanor.

Soon, she made tea, first picked up a cup, and handed it to Yash Nics: “Mr. Yash, please use tea!”

Everyone around them opened their eyes wide, looking at Yash Nics with envy, Su Meiniang actually held the tea cup in both hands. Offering tea, what a treat!

Everyone can’t wait to sit in Yash Nics’s position and take his place.

However, what made everyone’s eyes fall on the ground was that Yash Nics didn’t even pick up the tea from Su Meiniang, but gently buckled the tabletop, and said faintly: “Let’s put it down!”

Su Meiniang said nervously, “Mr. Yash. , Is the tea I brewed bad? Is there anything you are dissatisfied with? If you tell me, I will correct it immediately.”

Everyone looked at Yash Nics!

Yash Nics Pingjing said: “Imperial Longjing tea is eighteen, the mountains old well water is water, tea is the second with a water temperature of boiling water, tea is also a good way of people, but ……”

Ning did not say a Then, Su Meiniang was shocked in her heart.

Yash Nics can easily see what kind of tea is making tea, what kind of water is, as well as the exquisite water temperature and the method of making tea.

She heard Yash Nics say good comments, but when she heard Yash Nics said, she hurriedly asked, “What a pity?”

Yash Nics looked at the two Lei Tianzhao and Song Feifei standing next to him, and said lightly: “It’s a pity that the tea is so good, but there are two unqualified villains standing next to them. They are so disastrous and affect their mood.”

Yash Nics said. Lei Tianzhao and Song Feifei’s faces instantly became very ugly.

Su Ning Mei Niang understand the meaning, she said coldly Ray Amaterasu with Fifi Song:. “I’m sorry, we do not make the two of you business, ask you to leave immediately, do not affect our guests tea mood”

Ray Amaterasu ugly face, Song Fifi is pernicious staring face with Yash Nics Song Painting, bitterly said: “! Ning, Song Painting, the two of you good for you, wait and see”

finished, The two left dingy.

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