The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 444

Yash Nics smiled without comment.

He turned to Song Pingting and said to them, “My wife, this restaurant is closed. Let’s change the place to eat.”

Wang Min and Tang Haixin thought Yash Nics was going to drive around. The two called the waiter and security guard to block the way. Yash Nics’s family left.

Tang Hai wanted to block Yash Nics and came to teach Yash Nics.

Wang Min said, “Didn’t you say you want our restaurant to close for good, ten minutes have not arrived yet, why are you running away in a hurry?”

Tang Haixin and Wang Min’s group blocked the way of Yash Nics’s family. It depends on Yash Nics’s jokes, on the one hand, he is going to call people over to teach Yash Nics.

Suddenly, a large number of police cars came at the entrance of the hotel, as well as buses from the taxation and electric power bureaus.

A large number of criminal police officers, tax officers, and electric power bureau employees came down.

The first person turned out to be the leader of Dongjiang City Police, Huang Yongshun, Huang Ju.

Huang Yongshun approached the hotel aggressively with a large number of criminal police, tax officials, and electricians.

In the shocked eyes of Tang Haixin, Wang Min and others, Huang Yongshun announced loudly: “We are a joint law enforcement team. Your Jiangnan restaurant has a major fire safety hazard, and is suspected of tax evasion and electricity theft.”

“Now we are acting against the hotel in accordance with the law. Sealed up, all personnel left immediately.”

Everyone on the scene was in an uproar!

Tang Haixin was full of disbelief: “How could this be possible, the owner of this restaurant, but General Liu’s nephew!”

Wang Min’s face was gray, and he knelt down with a thump, crying in despair: “It’s over, the owner’s restaurant has been killed. I was sealed off, and the boss would definitely kill me personally…”

Song Pingting’s family and the surrounding waiters and security guards looked at Yash Nics in shock.

Who is this man, and why did the Jiangnan restaurant with its magnificent background close its doors in just a few minutes?

It’s horrible!

The Jiangnan restaurant was closed, and Yash Nics’s family came out with other guests.

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Now we really have to change places to eat!”

After speaking, they drove away and went to eat elsewhere.

Seeing Yash Nics’s family left, Tang Haixin was angrily chasing after him: “Asshole, don’t want to

leave !” But at this time a middle-aged man appeared with a few of his men and stopped her.

Tang Hai said angrily: “Ahai, why are you stopping me, why don’t you chase that guy? He beat me, I want you to kill him!”

The middle-aged man named Ahai respectfully said, “Miss, don’t Chasing him, that guy is Yash Nics! ”

Yash Nics!

Tang Haixin’s eyes widened in an instant, and she was surprised: “She’s the villain who killed my second brother, Yash Nics?” A

Hai nodded and said, “Yes, it’s him.”

Tang Hai angrily said, “Then why don’t you take action, give My second brother takes revenge?” A

Hai said with a wry smile: “This Yash Nics is very skilled. Wu Chi, Butcher, Second Young Master, and the four heavenly kings are all dead under his hands. The subordinates are not his opponents.”

Tang Haixin cursed. “Trash!”

Ahai lowered his head and said, “Miss, don’t be angry, because the master has invited Tiancan out of the mountain. As far as I know, Tiancan has arrived in Dongjiang City, and Yash Nics will not survive tonight.”

Tang Haixin heard that Tian Can has already arrived, and is here to kill Yash Nics.

She showed a hate-relief expression and sneered: “Very well, Tiancan was the first killer of my dad’s back then. He used one as a thousand to kill the enemy. Yash Nics would be dead if he took the shot himself.”

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