The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 471

Madam Li and Zhu Wei looked at Yash Nics like a fool.

Within ten minutes, want Huang Dezhi, chairman of China Shipping First Real Estate Group, to appear in front of you?

You fucking pretend too!

In the entire Mannity City, how many people dare to talk to Boss Huang like this?

I was so impatient to live that I knocked Boss Huang over the head by pretending to be forceful.

Zhu Ku said with a sneer: “Boy, there is a dead mouse in his waist and want to pretend to be a hunter?”

“Do you fucking know Boss Huang? Don’t use Boss Huang to press me.”

“I’ll give you ten minutes to think about it, you If you don’t kneel down and confess to Mrs. Li’s dog, then you will be over today!”

Yash Nics’s mouth raised slightly: “Then let’s take a look.”

Time passed soon!

Zhu Jianzhen looked at the time he was holding on the Rolex, and grinned and said: “Time can’t be missed, come here, this kid doesn’t want to kneel down, you guys help him kneel down!”

“Yes, Mr. Zhu!”

A group of tall security guards, menacing When he came up, he was ready to act on Yash Nics, trying to force Yash Nics to kneel on the ground.

But at this moment, a civilian helicopter suddenly appeared above everyone’s heads.

Someone exclaimed: “Oh my God, it looks like Boss Huang’s private helicopter!”

In the shocked eyes of everyone, the helicopter landed slowly.

The helicopter had just stopped, and Huang Dezhi, in his 50s and 60s, jumped down impatiently.

When everyone saw Huang Dezhi, they all hurriedly said hello.

Like a pug, Zhu Wei ran up to meet him, and asked with a smile, “Boss Huang, why are you here?”

Huang Dezhi raised his hand and slapped Zhu Ku’s face fiercely. He cursed angrily: “Blind your dog’s eyes, Mr. Yash is my most respected person. You dare to threaten Mr. Yash, do you not want to Mixed in Mannity?”

Zhu Wei was completely silly, covering his face, so shocked that he had forgotten the pain.

Mrs. Li, Liu Wanshun and other property security guards were all dumbfounded.

Huang Dezhi’s anger did not disappear: “Why are you still stunned, all apologize to Mr. Yash!”

Zhu Kun was full of horror, and took the lead in apologizing to Yash Nics: “Yes, I’m sorry…” The

security guards behind him also started to apologize to Yash Nics.

Said : “I’m sorry!” Yash Nics said coldly to Huang Dezhi: “Lao Huang, you Jiangbin Villa Community, known as a five-star home.”

“But your property here doesn’t feel like a family. ”

I don’t know, I thought I was in a thief’s den!”

Huang Dezhi heard this, and his heart beat: “I didn’t choose a good property company, which caused such a bad situation in property services. I will immediately rectify it.”

After Huang Dezhi finished speaking, he turned his head and said coldly to Zhu Kun, “You and your property company, you can get out, and all of my real estate will no longer use your property.”

Zhu Zun’s face instantly paled when he heard the words , and he let out a weak plop. , Got down on his knees.

Their property was completely driven out of all the properties owned by Boss Huang, and their property company would immediately go bankrupt.

Don’t even think about being a boss, even the property owner might kill him!

Huang Dezhi didn’t dare to glance at them, and turned his head to look at Mrs. Li.

Mrs. Li panicked instantly!

Huang Dezhi said coldly: “Ms. Li, you are suspected of raising a fierce dog and injuring others. It is a serious violation of our household regulations, and your words and deeds have seriously damaged the image of our Jiangbin community.”

“Now I take back your house at the original price, you immediately get out of Jiangbin Community, we do not welcome you here.”

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