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Zhu Lun is dead, Song Pingting and the Song family are very worried, worried that the Donghai Zhu family will retaliate.

But to Song Pingting’s surprise, the East China Sea Zhu’s house was calm and calm for several days.

Is it possible that because of Zhu Lun’s death, the Zhu family learned a lesson, became low-key, and stopped making trouble?

This thought made Song Pingting a little relieved.

However, the Zhu family did not retaliate against the trouble, and instead the Ningda Group had a problem.

Ningda Group has been ordering many liver cancer vaccines since it went on sale. So far, many vaccines have been produced.

It’s just that!

Many sellers paid a deposit and took the vaccine to sell, but the balance was delayed.

Ningda Group has sent people to collect payments several times, and these guys have been procrastinating again and again.

Today, President Song Pingting convened a meeting with a group of senior executives of Ningda Group to discuss this matter.

At the meeting, General Manager Xia Ping said angrily: “These sellers, with our vaccine products, earn a lot of money, but they owe a lot of money to our company, but they are still reluctant to settle the settlement.”

Finance Director Peng Zhenqiang With a wry smile, he said: “Our financial statement data is good, but our company has not recovered a lot of the payment, and the funds cannot be returned.”

“If this continues, sooner or later, we will get into a quagmire of funds, or we will have to make a big fuss on this. ”

President Assistant Lin Wei also said anxiously: “Mr. Song, there are not a few companies that have closed down due to financial problems. We must deal with the problem of sellers owing us large sums of funds as soon as possible.”

Song Pingting frowned, “These guys, follow We cooperate and make so much money. Why do we deliberately default on the payment?”

Xia Ping said with a bitter smile, “Mr. Song, there is too much money. Some bosses deliberately defaulted on payment of wages, let alone the payment. ”

“In addition, these sellers, seeing that our Ningda Group is the head of a woman, deliberately bully us.”

Song Pingting heard this, her pretty face covered with frost.

She is the president of Ningda Group and Xia Ping is the general manager of Ningda Group.

Both of them are women. It is correct to say that the Ningda Group is now in charge of two women, but seeing that they are women, they feel that they are bullies. Song Pingting couldn’t accept it.

She asked

in a deep voice, “ Who is owing the most money to our Ningda Group?” Chief Financial Officer Peng Zhenqiang said immediately: “The owner of Hengxing Company, Qian Kun, he took the largest vaccine product from us, and now he owes us ten. The one-million-dollar payment has not been settled.”

“Moreover, this person is the most cunning and earns the most, but he just doesn’t settle with us. He is a rascal.”

Song Pingting slapped the table and said coldly, “It’s him. He is the one who needs to get things done. Who do you think is appropriate to ask for money from him?”

A group of executives thought that Ningda Group must solve the problem of sellers owed money.

But when it comes to who is going to ask for the money, all of them don’t say anything.

Nonsense, if the money is easy to come back, it will be back long ago, and it will be necessary for the Ningda Group to meet to discuss the solution?

Who wants to do such thankless work?

Seeing that no one was willing to collect the money, Song Pingting looked at Peng Zhenqiang, the head of the finance department: “Lao Peng, let you go to Qiankun and get back the money he owes. Can you do it?”

Peng Zhenqiang said embarrassedly: “Mr. Song, I have called him several times a long time ago, and I have also asked him to meet him, but he doesn’t

kill me at all, I don’t know what to do.” Song Pingting personally called the general, and Peng Zhenqiang didn’t even dare to go.

This made Song Pingting very annoyed, and she looked at the other supervisors: “Lao Peng has no confidence to get the account back. Who of you is confident?”

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