The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 605 Read free Novel

One person dare to say that he will kill the entire Devil Legion.

A hundred devil warriors from all over the world are angry!

Jizo is angry!

Zhu Tiansheng was also completely irritated!

Zhu Tiansheng looked at Po Jun and said sternly: “Hehe, Yash Nics, you are really arrogant. You brought a big silly man to death, and you dare to rant and let him kill us alone?”

Po Jun grinned. “My lord is telling the truth. I alone can kill you. Because…My name is broken army!”

Zhu Tiansheng coldly snorted: “I don’t care whether you are greedy wolf or broken army or Big Dipper. Anyway, you are today. Since it’s here, stay here forever.” After

he finished speaking, he asked loudly, “Who would give me the first level of this stupid man?”

“I’m coming!”

“I’m coming!”

There were two immediately. Individuals came out of the Devil’s Legion, one of them was short and strong, the other was tall and thin.

The short and stout man was named Hong Tian, ​​who was born as a master of Nanquan, and he could kill a cow with one punch.

Tan Fei with tall and thin feet, born as a master of the north leg, can sweep trees with thick bowls with one foot.

Because of their skill, Zhu Tiansheng spent a lot of money to collect them and fill them into the Devil Legion.

Zhu Tiansheng saw that the two were eagerly vying to break the rank of the army. He was very satisfied, and said with a smile: “Then this stupid guy will be handed over to you, and see who of you has the ability to come out first. Who will kill this stupid guy first? One, I will reward five million!”

Sake has a red face, and wealth is touching.

Hong Tian and Tan Fei heard that whoever killed Pojun first would get a bonus of five million yuan, and they looked at each other.

Then, the two moved almost at the same time.


The two turned into two swift shadows, one from the left and the other to the broken army.


Hong Tian let out a low roar, and thunderously swiped his right fist, hitting Dian Chu’s chest.


Tan Fei also let out a strange cry, swept out like lightning and kicked Pojun’s head.

Facing the two masters of Nanquan and North Leg, the broken army stood still like a mountain, and had no intention to dodge at all.


Hong Tian’s fist hit Pojun’s broad and solid chest, like hitting a steel plate, and his arm was numb.


Tan Fei’s kick hit the left side of Po Jun’s head, as if hitting a Tie Zhu, a sharp pain came from his toes.

Not far away, Zhu Tiansheng saw Hong Tian and Tan Fei’s fists and feet falling on Pojun, and couldn’t help but cheered excitedly: “Okay!”

However, after Zhu Tiansheng cheered out, he realized that something was wrong.

Hong Tian’s fist hit Pojun’s chest, just like itching.

The flying kick hit Pojun’s head, just like a child’s play.

Po Jun actually stood still, even the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, showing a contemptuous smile: “Devil warrior, that’s it?”

That’s it?

Zhu Tiansheng and the others all opened their eyes wide, and they saw such a crazy person for the first time.

He stood still and took the opponent’s fist!

What’s more terrifying is that not only did Po Jun stand still and endure the fist of Hong Tian and Tan Fei, he also laughed at this?

Hong Tian and Tan Fei hadn’t recovered from their shock yet, and Po Jun had already begun to actually take action.


The fist of the army broke through the air like a shooting star.


Hong Tian’s head instantly exploded like a watermelon hit by a baseball bat.

Po Jun immediately flew up and swept towards Tan Fei’s chest.

Tan Fei was horrified, screamed strangely, and raised his arms to block.

However, the kick of breaking the army was unstoppable, and Tan Fei’s arms were directly swept off by the ruins.

Breaking the army swept off Tan Fei’s blocked arms before kicking Tan Fei in the chest.


Tan Fei’s chest sank deeply, his whole body bowed, and he flew out like a cooked sea prawn. He fell heavily on Zhu Tiansheng’s feet and died completely.

Zhu Tiansheng couldn’t help but gasp, this guy called Breaking Army is too fierce!

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