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Yash Nics and Zhang Jun entered the box, which is a luxury box exclusively used by Dong Tianbao on weekdays.

Not only the decoration is very elegant, but also the sound insulation conditions are also effective.

Eating inside, even if you shoot and fight outside, you won’t hear anything inside.

Therefore, Song Pingting, Song Zhongmou, Ma Xiaoli, and Tong Ke did not know that there had already been an asura hellish fight outside.

When they saw that Yash Nics and Zhang Jun were okay, they all breathed a sigh of relief.

Song Pingting personally prepared meals for Yash Nics, and asked curiously: “Yash Nics, have all the troublemakers gone?”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Go!”

Song Zhongbin asked curiously: “Those people see. They were quite fierce, and they shouted and killed them. How did Yash Nics persuade them to leave?”

Yash Nics pointed to Zhang Jun next to him and smiled: “All this is much thanks to Zhang Shao, Zhang Shao is still very good in the East China Sea. He made a call to the big guys on the East China Sea side, and then he stunned the guys who were making trouble.”

“Finally, the guys were photographed by Zhang Shao’s strength and left dingy one by one.”

Song Pingting When everyone looked at Zhang Jun, they were pleasantly surprised: “It turns out that Shao Zhang sent those people away. We really thank Shao Zhang for you.”

If it is a normal day, in the face of everyone’s admiration and gratitude, Zhang Jun’s tail It’s already up to the sky.

But now, he was embarrassed and didn’t dare to expose Yash Nics’s lies, he could only bite the bullet and accept everyone’s thanks, embarrassingly said: “Nothing is nothing, I can help as long as I can help.”

Tong Ke looked unnatural. Zhang Jun, look at Yash Nics, who is always smiling and calm.

She snorted coldly in her heart, the group of people from the East China Sea were murderous, and Zhang Jun knelt in fright at that time.

If Zhang Jun has the strength to frighten those people, why should he kneel in fright?

She thought to herself: According to my guess, Ken was the brother-in-law who scared the group of people away. Brother-in-law is really amazing.


next day, Longgong Regal Residential District, Shanghang City, Donghai Province.

Hai family mansion, in the study.

Hai Pingchao was full of anger, looking at the old butler with a hump back in front of him, and said in surprise, “What are you talking about, my son Li Zhaolong was killed by Yash Nics.”

“The men he took were also wiped out?”

Humpback The housekeeper Agui lowered his head and accompanied him carefully and said: “Yes, my lord, this Yash Nics is much better than we thought.”

Hai Pingchao was surprised: “Yash Nics, this kid, was expelled from the house by the Chen family. . ” “

lost decade, he not only did not die, a surprising mix out something here. “

Aki hesitation, he said:” Chen Li Zhaolong not only kill them, but he also talked wildly …… “

sea tidal flat calm Face: “Say!”

Agui lowered his head: “The old servant dare not say it.”

Hai Pingchao said angrily: “I will let you say!”

Agui quickly replied, “Then Yash Nics said, this is what he gave to the Hai family. A little gift.”

Hai Pingchao was shocked when he heard this, and gave the Hai family a little gift. What does this mean?

It seems!

Yash Nics, who was expelled from the Chen family, has always hated his cousin Haixin!

Even Yash Nics hated it together with the Hai Family.

Hai Pingchao hesitated, took out his cell phone, and dialed his cousin’s number.

After a while, the phone went through.

Ruan Mei’s voice came from the phone: “Cousin, how come you can contact me when you have time, it’s rare.”

Hai Pingchao didn’t hide it, and directly told his cousin about Yash Nics.

Then, he frowned and said: “Our Hai family did our best to help you marry the northern giant Chen family, and Yash Nics’s mother and son were expelled from the Chen family.”

“Now, Yash Nics has reappeared, and it seems to us Haijia is very hostile.” There was

silence on the other end of the call.

After a while, Hai Xin said calmly: “It’s no effort to break through the iron shoes and find no place to find it. I have sent someone to check for many years and there is no news of him. He is willing to appear now, which is just what I want.”

“Cousin, Get rid of Yash Nics at all costs.”

Hai Pingchao laughed and said: “This is natural. Yash Nics had nothing when he was expelled from the Chen family. Even if he has made some achievements in the past few years, in front of our huge Hai family, He is nothing.”

“I want to destroy him, but it’s a matter of effort.”

“I’m calling you this time, but just to inform you.” It

is to inform or to ask for credit. In fact, Hai Pingchao and Hai Xin are both in their hearts. understand.

Hai Xin smiled slightly: “You helped me destroy Yash Nics, and I owe you a favor.”

Hai Pingchao smiled and said, “Cousin, don’t worry, I will kill Yash Nics within a month.”

Hai Xin said sweetly: ” OK, I am waiting for your good news.”

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