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Two security guards at the entrance of Jinfeng Hotel saw Haiyang surrounded the hotel with a murderous gang.

The two of them didn’t know who Haiyang was, they greeted them in surprise, and shouted: “Who are you, who asked you to come to our hotel to make trouble, go quickly, otherwise we’ll call 110.”

Haiyang sneered: “110. No need to fight, because it’s useless, just hit 120!”

After finishing speaking, he waved his hand and instructed his subordinates next to him: “Discount the legs of these two eyesless dogs!”

Immediately, there were a few like this. The wolf-like men rushed up.

The two security guards couldn’t resist at all, they were kicked to the ground, and then both of them had their feet broken.


the screams of the two security guards caused everyone around them to cover their mouths.

The hotel owner Zhang Yuenian hurried out with a few hotel employees. When he saw Haiyang, he laughed and said, “It turned out to be Hai Gongzi, Hai Gongzi calmed down.”

“What’s wrong with this restaurant, you Say, I’ll change it immediately, don’t beat people.”

Haiyang said coldly, “Get out of the way, I’m here to find someone. Don’t worry about it, or wait

until the next time you splash your face with blood!” Zhang Yuenian can be in the West Lake. With such a big restaurant on the side, his identity and background are naturally not simple, and I didn’t dare to talk to him like this on weekdays.

But this one in front of him is the youngest son of the Dragon King of the East China Sea, a well-known little overlord in Shanghang City.

Zhang Yuenian can’t afford to offend!

He smiled and asked: “I don’t know who offended the Hai Gongzi, I will hand over the man.”

Haiyang squinted and said, “Half an hour ago, there was a young man and a couple who were very beautiful. Sisters, with a child. They entered your restaurant, where are they now?”

Naturally, Zhang Yuenian couldn’t pay attention to every group of guests entering and leaving the hotel. He turned his head and looked at the lobby manager beside him.

The lobby manager looked embarrassed and bit his head and whispered: “They are in the Peony box!” The

Peony box!

Zhang Yuenian’s face changed drastically when he heard this, because a group of leaders of the East China Sea Provincial Military Region had just arrived, and they all entered the Peony box.

Seeing Zhang Yuenian’s embarrassed expression, Haiyang said displeasedly: “Boss Zhang, did you go to the Peony box to pick the person out, or did I take the person to do it myself?”

Zhang Yuenian was shocked and said hurriedly, “Prince Hai Do not impulse, peony inside the box are guests, do not crash …… ”


As soon as Zhang Yuenian’s words fell, Haiyang received a loud slap in the face.

Haiyang looked at Zhang Yuenian, who had been beaten by him, and pointed at the other person’s nose and cursed: “What the hell are you, what does your distinguished guest have to do with me?”

“I’m going to kill that couple of dogs and men today, you It’s best to get out of me now, or I will smash your hotel.”

Zhang Yuenian clutched his beating face and blocked the way of Haiyang and others, begging bitterly: “Prince Hai, you really can’t go there… “In the

Peony box!

Yash Nics’s family and Du Tianlin and a group of powerful leaders of the Eastern Navy are toasting each other.

Suddenly heard the noise from outside!

Yash Nics frowned slightly, Du Tianlin also lowered his face, and called the waiter at the door to ask what?

The waiter tremblingly said: “Donghai

Xiaoba Wang Haiyang, brought a group of people to surround our hotel, saying that he was going to teach people who offended him!” Du Tianlin said angrily: “It’s really presumptuous. Shouting and screaming outside has spoiled our interest in drinking… Zhou Tiecheng, please go out for me and let them get out.”

Zhou Tiecheng, the commander-in-chief of the Trident Special Forces, immediately got up, ready to go out and drive away the troublemakers in Haiyang.

But Yash Nics said faintly at this time: “The kid named Haiyang came for me, so I don’t bother everyone about this matter, I’ll go out and solve it

myself !” Du Tianlin and the others stared wide-eyed!

When they figured out the reason, they were all angry.

Du Tianlin scolded: “I often heard about this kid’s evil deeds. I didn’t expect that he would dare to covet Mrs. Yash’s beauty and bring people to trouble

Mr. Yash . He really wanted his own death.” “Mr. Yash Madam, sit here for a while, let’s go out and teach that kid!”

Yash Nics shook his head: “No, you are wearing military uniforms, and your identities are not simple. If you come forward, you will not cause bad public opinion. Solve it!”

Du Tianlin immediately took off his lieutenant’s jacket, wearing only a vest, and grinned: “I took off this jacket and went out to teach him.”

Zhou Tiecheng and others all took off their jackets. Some people are wearing military green vests, and some people are naked and strong upper bodies, saying one after another: “Yes, we will take off this suit and go out and help Mr. Yash to clean him up!”

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