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superior luxury suite!

Song Pingting, Tong Ke and Song Qingqing all had wet hair, and their clothes were newly changed.

It turned out that when they were watching a movie in the living room of the presidential suite, Yash Nics accidentally touched the fire extinguishing device in the presidential suite, and Song Pingting was soaked up.

Finally, Yash Nics asked the hotel to change the suite!

Song Pingting and the others thought it was an accident, but what they didn’t know was.

Not long after they left the presidential suite, Dian Chu took his men in, moved out the corpses of a few shadow killers, and sent them to the Hai’s house along with the corpses of the eagle eye and the left hand.

Song Pingting has changed into clean clothes. She is wiping her hair with a towel. At the same time, she said dumbfounded: “It’s really unlucky for us to come to the East China Sea this time.

Even watching a movie can touch the hotel’s fire extinguishing device and get drenched.”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Compared with those who are really unlucky, we are nothing.” It is Haijia who is really unlucky


Yash Nics hates the Hai Family at first, but she intends to clean up the Hai Family in the near future.

Not only did the Hai Family fail to constrain, but they also intensified their frenzied provocations, especially tonight’s behavior at the flat tide of the sea, which touched Yash Nics’s bottom line.

Yash Nics has decided to smooth Haijia!

The next day!

Hai Pingchao used his contacts in the East China Sea to get his youngest son out.

But what made him puzzled was that his friends in politics and the military on weekdays immediately shook their heads and said they could do nothing.

Some people even hung up the phone when they heard that this was the case.

This made him startled and angry!

On weekdays, everyone calls him brothers and sisters. If he has anything to do with him, his friends in the black and white business, politics, and army will help. Why is it not working this time?

With Haijia’s network resources in Shanghang City, it was unexpectedly unable to get Haiyang out.

Although Hai Pingchao was shocked, he could only pin his hopes on Yash Nics again. He hoped that Yash Nics would compromise softly.

If Yash Nics said that Haiyang would not be held accountable, General Du would definitely agree to let him go.

So he called Yash Nics himself again.

“Yash Nics, I’ll give you one last chance. Either you will let General Du release people, or your family will stay in Shanghang City forever.”

“With my strength in Shanghang City, I can say that I can do it. ”

Yash Nics laughed: “Since you are so good, why don’t you go and ask General Du to release the people yourself?”

Hai Ping was anxious: “You!”

Yash Nics said lightly, “Hai Pingchao, before you send a killer to my family From that moment on, you’ve already lost the way.”

“Within three days, the Hai Family must be destroyed!”

Hai Ping was so angry that he was tumbling with blood, and he said angrily: “Then I will leave the words here too, if Today I have no news from my son, so your family will wait for the reunion on Huangquan Road!”

Yash Nics’s mouth raised slightly: “You want news from your son today, okay, you wait!”

Yash Nics finished speaking and hung up. phone.

Hai Pingchao was frightened and angry, unpredictable. What does Yash Nics mean?

He called his men and ordered them to pay close attention to the military in Shanghang City, and report any news about his son immediately.

He talked with Yash Nics on the phone at 8 am!

Just two hours later, the butler Agui came to see him in a hurry.

Agui tremblingly said, “Master, there is news about the second young master!”

Hearing this, Hai Pingchao quickly asked, “What’s the matter, is Yash Nics scared and let General Du let go?”

Agui shook his head, “No!”

“Not only did the military not let go, but also let the second young master. They were handed over to the Supreme Court of Shanghang City.”

“The Supreme Court was charged with murder, intentional wounding, rape, bribery, and organizing criminal groups.”

“Today in Times Square, the two young masters and a group of people will be tried in public! ”

Hai Pingchao’s eyes widened and he lost his voice: “What, is your news accurate?”

Agui sweated on his forehead: “It’s true, the publicity of the public trial conference is now spreading wildly in Shanghang City. The court. On the one hand, this time it is to eliminate evil and also to popularize law!”

Hai Pingchao said angrily: “It is unreasonable!”

Indeed, Hai Pingchao is called the Dragon King of the East China Sea, and he has an unparalleled status and prestige in Shanghang City.

Now, the court is going to put his son in a public trial.

This is no longer hitting him in the face, it is simply putting him on the fire and roasting him.

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