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The One and The Only Chapter 642 Read free Novel

car, Song Pingting and Song Qingqing, who had taken motion sickness pills, were still sleeping.

The mother and daughter didn’t even know that there was a cruel battle outside the car just now.

However, Tong Ke, a little girl, looked at Yash Nics with admiration on his face. His eyes were so brilliant that he almost didn’t have the words brother-in-law awesome written on his forehead.

Late that night, Yash Nics’s family returned to Mannity, and his father-in-law and mother-in-law were overjoyed.

The next day, Song Qingqing went to the kindergarten as usual.

Song Pingting and Tong Ke also went to work in Ningda Group as usual.

Nothing has changed from usual!

However, a major earthquake occurred in the East China Sea, and the death of the flat tide shook the entire East China Sea.

Everyone is talking about this matter.

Some people said that Hai Pingchao led the crowd to intercept and kill Yash Nics, but they did not expect that Yash Nics’s powerful men would be like clouds, and in the end Hai Pingchao would suffer the consequences.

Some people say that Hai Pingchao’s two capable men, Gufeng and Rage, were bought by Yash Nics and betrayed Hai Pingchao, so that Hai Pingchao was killed by Yash Nics.

Everyone can’t tell whether the rumors are true or not, but everyone knows one thing, that is, the Dragon King of the East China Sea, planted in the hands of a little man named Yash Nics in Mannity City.

Originally, since the Xiao family retired, many other provincial forces wanted to step into Jiangnan Province and grab money to occupy territory.

But after the East China Sea forces hit a wall one after another, many other provincial forces did not dare to act rashly and began to enter a wait-and-see state.

On the contrary, the Ningda Group in the south of the Yangtze River is getting bigger and bigger, and has a faint momentum to dominate the south of the Yangtze River.

Ningda Group’s liver cancer vaccines have been sold on major pharmaceutical platforms in Daxia and have become a cash cow for Ningda Group.

However, Song Pingting is not satisfied with the domestic market.

She has recently been preparing to expand overseas markets. She wants to dump the liver cancer vaccine to the entire Asia and even the entire world.

Today, Abu Khan, the pharmaceutical tycoon of Tianzhu State, brought a group of his men to Daxia in person to meet with Song Pingting, and wanted to win the liver cancer vaccine agent right in Tianzhu.

Song Pingting took Xia Ping, Lin Wei and other executives to the airport personally to greet the Tianzhu pharmaceutical tycoon named Abu.

The economy of Tianzhu is far inferior to that of Daxia, but there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor in Tianzhu. The poor are so poor that they have no food, while the rich are rich.

Abu is not only Tianzhu’s rich man, but also Tianzhu’s nobleman.

He owns a multi-hundred-billion-dollar pharmaceutical group called Golden Root Group, which mainly produces some health medicines such as Shenyou.

However, in recent years, the Golden Root Group has been very interested in drugs for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Therefore, after Abu learned that the Daxia Ning Group had produced a liver cancer vaccine, he immediately contacted Song Pingting, expressing his desire to win the liver cancer vaccine agency in Tianzhu.

That’s why he came to Daxia to meet Song Pingting.

Abu has a bloated figure, a dark complexion, a mustache, and an unpleasant curry smell on his body.

He walked out of the airport surrounded by a group of stars Gongyue.

Then, he saw Song Pingting and his party who came to greet him.

Abu took 20 wives at home, but when he saw Song Pingting, he immediately showed a stunning expression.

He couldn’t help exclaiming: ”

Oh my God, what a beautiful woman!” Song Pingting smiled and said, “Hello Mr. Abu, I am Song Pingting, the president of Ningda Group.

I am very happy to meet you.” The vehicle has been prepared. Let’s go back to Ningda Group and talk about the cooperation between our two parties?”

Abu raised a finger, shook it, and said with a smile, “Haha, Miss Song, I have a habit of not talking about business in an office building.”

Song Pingting was stunned: “Then Mr. Abu, you want to be there. Where to talk?”

Abu said with a smile: “I have asked my staff to book a suite at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in advance, let’s go to the hotel to talk.”

Song Pingting frowned slightly, but still agreed: “Okay!”

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