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Song Pingting couldn’t persuade Song Feifei, and she was worried about Song Feifei going to the fan exchange meeting alone. She had to bite the bullet and accompany Song Feifei.

The two of them came to the hotel and came to the presidential suite unimpeded. The bodyguard at the door let them in.

After they entered, they frowned.

In the extremely luxurious presidential suite, lavish DJ music is played.

The lights are dim, there are wine and Martell bottles everywhere, and there are many cigarette butts.

Several disheveled girls lay on the sofa, a strange smell filled the air.

Yang Zhe, his two subordinates, and Cao Shaoyuan, all sat lazily on the sofa.

Smoking, smoking, drinking, and someone holding a drunk girl kissing…

Yang Zhe saw Song Pingting and Song Feifei, immediately whistled, and laughed: “Haha, two superb beauties, come here. Come. Sit down, brother and communicate with you.”

Cao Shaoyuan, who was disheveled, saw Song Pingting and Song Feifei, he was first stunned and then ecstatic.

He grinned and said: “Haha, it turned out to be you two beauties!”

“Tsk tsk, you prevented me from staying last night, tonight I have to spend some fun with your sisters.”

Song Pingting and Song Feifei When the two saw this scene, Huarong paled with fright…

Yang Zhe asked in surprise: “Cao Shao, you know both of them!”

Cao Shaoyuan smiled and said, “Hehe, it was this woman’s husband yesterday. I was detained. I didn’t expect that the world was so small that I would run into it tonight.”

Song Pingting’s face changed drastically: “I’m sorry, we don’t want to deal with you, goodbye!”

After she finished speaking, she pulled Song Feifei to open the door and thought. Want to leave.

But they had just opened the door, and before they went out, they were stopped by two tall bodyguards outside the door.

The two bodyguards said blankly: “I’m sorry, two young ladies, we have not said that you can leave.”

Song Pingting was furious, and shouted: “What do you want to do? Illegal?”

Cao Shaoyuan and Yang Zhe, as well as two other drunk guys, had already surrounded Song Pingting and Song Feifei.

Cao Shaoyuan smiled and said without a smile: “Hehe, in Jinling, our Cao family is the law!”

“I will play with you two first tonight, and then I will settle the account with Yash Nics’s kid later.”

He finished with a smirk. Then, he reached out to touch Song Pingting’s chin.

But at this moment, an indifferent man’s voice suddenly came from outside the door: “If you dare to touch her, your hand will be gone.” When

Cao Shaoyuan and others heard this, their faces changed drastically, and they were all startled and angry. Looking at the people in the corridor outside the door.

When Song Pingting and Song Feifei heard the voice of this familiar man, they both showed joy. Song Pingting was even more excited and shouted: “Yash Nics!”

That’s right, it was Yash Nics who spoke.

It turned out that the two tiger guards who secretly protected Song Pingting and Song Feifei discovered that Song Pingting and Song Feifei were attending Yang Zhe’s fan exchange meeting, and they realized that they were wrong.

Because this Yang Zhe has a bad reputation, there have been news of ruining female fans several times.

It’s just that every time the negative news came out, the boss of his entertainment company bought the hot search, forcibly suppressing his negative news.

The two tiger guards learned that Song Pingting and Song Feifei were attending Yang Zhe’s fan exchange meeting and immediately reported to Yash Nics.

Yash Nics had just rushed to join the two tiger guards, Ah Qi and Lao Ba, and then discovered that Cao Shaoyuan and Yang Zhe wanted to do something to Song Pingting, his face sank instantly.

So there is also the scene just now!

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