The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 122

Alex Rockefeller stepped forward and tugged Michelle Yowell out of the way before he slammed his palm against Colin Yowell’s chest.

Thinking that Alex was going to kill her brother, Michelle immediately started attacking Alex with everything she had.

Alex’s Force, however, was so immense that her attacks couldn’t intimidate him at all. Much to his surprise, Michelle leaped onto his back and bit his lower left chin.

“D*mn it! Screw you!” Alex howled, before hurling Michelle away. “You’re nuts! If you bite me again, I’m not going to save your brother!”

Why did he want to save Colin?

Naturally, it was because he didn’t want to be the scapegoat.

If Colin died now, the Yowell family would definitely think Alex was his murderer. When the time came, they wouldn’t stop hunting him down. This wasn’t what Alex wanted.

In reality, Colin and his sister, Michelle, both suffered a similar condition.

They had an internal wound in each of their hearts.

Whenever they activated their Chi, their inner force would be affected, and it indirectly impacted their hearts.

The stronger their power, the greater the damage to their bodies.

Frankly, Colin and Michelle weren’t the only ones to be affected by this condition. Sean had the same problem too.

‘The entire family has this issue. They couldn’t have all inherited heart disease, could they? It looks like it might have been caused by the way they practiced martial arts,’ Alex thought to himself.

With the help of Alex’s Chi, Colin’s wound was kept under control.

Meanwhile, two disciples of the Yowell family started running toward the family’s main house.

Although Alex saw them, he didn’t try to stop them.


Right then, things weren’t exactly quiet in the Yowell family’s house either.

Keith Yowell, leader of the Yowell family, perched himself calmly on a rattan chair.

His upper body’s posture, however, seemed odd. He appeared slightly hunched, and he occasionally displayed an agonized expression on his face.

“Dr. Coney, how bad is my illness? How much time do I have left?” Keith looked at an old man next to him and asked. His voice was filled with anxiety.

The old man was James Coney, a legendary doctor from California.

A pretty lady dressed in white stood next to him and went by the name of Dr. Cheryl.

James sighed. “Mr. Yowell, I’ve examined you over a dozen times. Your condition seems to worsen each time. There really is nothing I can do to help you now,” he said.

“Huh? If you can’t help my father, Dr. Coney, that means he’ll…” blurted a middle-aged man, his face scrunched with pain and despair. His eyes welled up and turned red.

This man was Keith’s son, Liam Yowell.

Keith waved his hand. “Liam, don’t be sad. Sickness at old age and dying is merely part of the life cycle. I’ve already accepted that fact. It’s a shame that the South California martial arts competition will only be taking place in a month. Sigh…”

His voice was filled with regret.

James sighed, simply shaking his head without saying a word.

“Grandpa, why don’t we get Alex Rockefeller to try? Although his treatments are weird and difficult to comprehend, he usually performs miracles,” Dr. Cheryl suggested out of the blue.

James slapped his thigh. “Oh, yeah! Why didn’t I think of that? Mr. Rockefeller is known for his incredible needle-based treatment. He even managed to bring a dead person back to life! Perhaps, he might have a solution.”

Keith and Liam instantly appeared to light up.

“Who are you talking about, Dr. Cheryl? Could there be someone even better than Dr. Coney?” Keith asked.

“He’s a friend of mine with very capable medical skills. I’ll give him a call right away,” Dr. Cheryl replied.

She was just about to take out her phone to call Alex when two men ran in, yelling, “Master, something terrible has happened! An outsider has injured Colin! It appears he might not make it.”

“What? That’s impossible!

“Quick, let’s go and find out what happened!”

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