The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 157


As Cheryl headed back to her house after finishing her speech, Alex’s anxious voice could be heard from behind. “Dorothy! Dorothy! Hello! Listen to me, it’s not what you think! I…. Hello, hello! Hello…”

Cheryl’s sweet stir had destroyed Alex’s hope in an instant. Not to mention going on a midnight movie date with Dorothy, he feared that she might not let him enter the house next time.

How could Dorothy feel good after hearing Cheryl’s loving yet ambiguous voice over the phone in such late night?

So, she was infuriated and immediately ended the call.

Immediately, Alex dialed her number but it was not picked up.

Then, he called again but her phone had been turned off.

Helplessly, he could only send her a message explaining that he was invited by Dr. James Coney to a birthday celebration, conveniently leaving out the fact that he was the only outsider invited and he pretended to be Cheryl’s boyfriend.

The night passed.

The next morning, he called Dorothy again. As a general manager of her subsidiary company, she could not possibly leave her phone turned off at the time. That being said, every time he tried to make a call, the call failed to be connected.

“Crap, could it be that I have been blocked?”

He thought of going to Dorothy’s office and giving her an explanation in person.

However, he thought again. She was still mad now and would not accept his explanations at all. Furthermore, his relationship with Cheryl was not something that could be cleared up with just verbal explanation.

“Why don’t I wait for another two days?”

After all, they were not on speaking terms for ten months previously. A few days now meant nothing to Alex.

More importantly, Brittany’s safety had to be enhanced.

He was a little insomniac after recalling that kiss by Cheryl, so he buried himself deep in thought instead, trying to figure out a way for Brittany to start training. He also wanted to work on the Slunce Jauda from the Yowells but changed his mind later.

Although he had revised the working route of Slunce Jauda so that it could no longer harm the heart of the user, it was still a little too much for female practitioners. This was because of their feminine attributes, so even with increased efforts, they could not reap the benefits as much as the male practitioners.

An extremely aggressive martial art like Slunce Jauda was unsuitable for females, but something a little more gentle would be better.

Therefore, he spent the entire night to create an all-new cultivation method, based on the Slunce Jauda and the Force — Silver Frost.

It was a remarkable feat, for only the greatest of masters could create a new cultivation method from the ground up.

Yet, for Alex, who had an extraordinary cultivation method like the Force, it was nothing but a piece of cake.

The reason he spent the entire night was to incorporate a technique from the Force into Silver Frost, in order to give it a room for upgrade. In the future, if necessary, he could even integrate it into a more powerful cultivation method.


The restroom’s door was busted open right after Alex sat down on the toilet. Waltz, who dressed in a suit and tie, appeared in front of him.

Getting used to seeing her in dresses, it was rather surprising for Alex to see her in such an outfit.

She seemed to have the capability to look good in whatever she wore, unlike some seedy-looking people, who could not change their seedy looks no matter how expensive the clothes they wore.

Alex was shocked by her sudden entry. “Hey! What’s wrong with you, can’t you at least knock before you enter?”

“You didn’t lock the door anyway, why the fuss?” Waltz snorted.

“Anything?” Alex quickly covered his exposed body.

“Are you going to make the chakra pills today?”

Alex’s expression darkened, he thought it was something urgent. “Get out!”

“Well, that is what I intend to do. I came to ask for my leave.”

“Where are you going?”

“Work, to earn money. Senior, are you going to pay for me instead?” Waltz leaned onto the door frame as she provoked Alex with a brazen look in her eyes. Soon after, she glanced at her wristwatch. “I am the general manager of Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s maritime business. There is a board of directors meeting today that I absolutely cannot miss. Time’s almost up, I have to go now!”

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