The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 170

As the phone was hung up, Baldy yelled, “You are going to accompany the old man? Who does he think he is, why don’t we just kill him?”

“Not yet, he is still useful to us,” said Pepper.


On the north side of the East River, Alex crawled out of the water, with Michelle in his arms, onto the sandy banks.

He immediately did cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Michelle, followed by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and stimulation of the electric Chi needle. In less than a half-minute, she coughed up the river water and woke up.

“I am still alive?”

“Just barely.” Alex struggled to sit down on the ground.

What happened earlier was really treacherous.

The deployed airbags were a hindrance to his escape. Moreover, after the impact of the collision earlier, the front car was deformed and Michelle’s legs were wedged in the car.

After exerting tremendous effort, he managed to free her from the car, only to be swept away by the strong currents.

Fortunately, they were both alive.

Michelle licked her lips and felt a little strange. “You… kissed me?”

“Kiss? Who kissed you? It was mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!”

“You…You jerk!” Michelle was on the verge of crying. “It was my first kiss!”

“Are you crazy? What is more important? Your life or your first kiss?”

“Oh, what is there to live if my first kiss is tainted just like that?”

Alex was speechless for a while. He found it was extremely difficult to communicate with such a post-millennial youthful girl with huge busts, after all there was a massive gap between them, which was even bigger than Mariana Trench.

“They came after us for the century-old medicinal herbs. I saved both your life and the herbs in exchange for my car. You have to compensate me,” said Alex.

“What about my first kiss? How are you going to atone for that?”


“Alright, alright! I will send you a new car tomorrow.”

It was already eleven o’clock at night when Alex arrived home.

Never did he expect to see Brittany and Waltz were still up watching television while waiting for him to return.

“Son, why did you come back late?”

“Exactly, Madame was worried sick! The news earlier reported an accident on the East River Bridge where a collision happened between a car and a dump truck, and the car ended up crashing into the river. No bodies were found, the driver is perhaps dead. We could not reach you and thought it was you!” exclaimed Waltz.

‘Great guess, it was me indeed!’ thought Alex.

However, he said, “Of course it wasn’t me. Anyway, it is getting late, try not to stay up too late.”

Brittany looked at the duo and said, “I’m going to sleep now. Young people like you are pretty energetic, right? You can sleep whenever you want.”

Alex was dumbfounded. What did his mother imply?

At the same time, Spark Rockefeller, after learning of Alex’s death from his father, immediately leaped in delight. He quickly came up with an idea and dialed a number. “Go and buy a coffin tonight, Abe. I want it by tomorrow morning.”

Carol was right there when Spark made the phone call. She asked, “What do you need a coffin for?”

Spark snickered. “Alex is our relative anyhow. Now that he is dead, isn’t it appropriate for us to send them a coffin? Just think about it, he used to be a kept man who lives off his wife and Brittany just woke up. I don’t think they have the money to buy one.”

After listening to his words, hatred welled up in Carol as she recalled Alex’s beating.

“Great idea. I am going with you too.” said Carol hurriedly.

“How can you leave me out? I am coming too!” Olivia Banks, John’s wife, chimed in.

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