The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 87

Why would Edgar drop to his knees in public, throwing his dignity out like this?

It was because he was terrified.

He knew what Lord Lex Gunther was capable of doing.

After all, Lord Lex Gunther’s status and power were much higher than that of Pegasus International. Now that his goddaughter was being harassed, Edgar was definitely dead meat.

Moreover, his family had been broken up and all his successful companies had been ruined, taken over by others.

Edgar was worried that he could be next.

After kneeling down, he slapped himself hard numerous times and didn’t even look at his son.

He didn’t even go easy on himself as his face was swollen from merely eight slaps. Everyone in the company was shocked, including Maya.

‘What is happening?’

Those with sharp eyes noticed that Edgar’s ride was a Bentley worth 500 thousand dollars. They couldn’t help but gawk at it.

Beatrice was stunned as well. However, she snapped herself back to reality and glared at Alex. “Hey, you loser, stop it! Do you think you’d seem more powerful with this paid actor?”

She turned to Felix. “Felix, this guy must have been hired by this loser. Isn’t he childish?”

Beatrice’s words snapped Felix back to reality as well.

He froze upon Edgar’s appearance. The fact that Edgar was down on his knees and slapping himself had shocked Felix to his core.

‘That is my father!’ He thought.

Felix immediately rushed towards Edgar to help him up. “Dad, what are you doing?! Why are you doing this? Have you gone mental?!”

Beatrice took a step back. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Edgar slapped Felix across the face. His actions worsened the condition of his broken leg, but he didn’t care about that at all. He scolded loudly. “You bastard, how dare you try to woo Master Alex’s wife? Do you have a death wish? Kneel down and grovel before Mr. Rockefeller.”

Beatrice’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Alex then shot her a cold glare.

Beatrice was frightened and ran off to a distance.

“Ah!” Felix couldn’t bring himself to grovel before Alex. The fact that he was slapped was infuriating enough. “Dad, are you insane?! Are you mistaken? This guy is just the Assexes’s useless son-in-law. He was even kicked out by his own family! Why do I have to kneel for him? Who is he anyway? I can defeat him in a blink of an eye!”

Edgar was extremely furious, he screamed, “Jay, pin him down and slap him!”

Jay came forward and grabbed Felix.

“I’m sorry, young lord.”

Felix didn’t have a chance against Jay. He was pinned to the ground and slapped across the face several times.

Jay didn’t dare go easy on Felix in front of Alex as Felix started bleeding profusely out of his mouth.

Both Maya and Beatrice froze at the sight of this.

The curious employees turned dead silent from where they stood watching.

No one had expected it to end up like this.

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